Stans iron cross rim opinions?

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  • Stans iron cross rim opinions?
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    From what I can see iron cross is a restickered alpine so it’s definitely a robustness level below crests. If you race I’d say iron cross but for knocking about stick with what you know, crests.



    I’m torn between rebuilding my cross wheels with another set of Crests or the new Iron Cross.

    The bike gets a fair hammering off road on pretty much all the usual Surrey Hills trails. I ride down drops on it. Don’t want the iron cross to just collapse or bend?

    Anyone used them?


    I know that there is a young female rider (like 13?) who rides on them in CX races and her father swears by them (bike mechanic and frame designer).

    The only other experience is the guy I saw at the 3 peaks who had his land cruisers blow clean off his rims on the first gravel section, was unnerving, most likely a human error, not a stans one!

    I remember seeing here the cross section of the 340, 400 and the iron cross. Might help you make a decision.

    that comparison is old 340, new 340 and new 400, the iron cross is about 3mm wider again (and is a 29er alpine rim)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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