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  • Stans Crest take a 28c tyre?
  • scud

    Afternoon all.

    Have just purchased a Cotic X frame and have a spare set of Stans Crest wheels, happy run 25c CX tyres on the wheels, but will 28c road tyres be too skinny for Crest rims??

    Cheers in advance.

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    happy run 25c CX tyres on the wheels, but will 28c road tyres be too skinny for Crest rims


    did you mean 35mm cx rather than 25?

    In any case, I’ve been running 25mm GP4Seasons on crests for ages. They’re tight to fit, but no other problems.

    I’ve run 28mm Conti GP4Seasons on 29er Crests and they were VERY tight. Thankfully I never had a puncture on the road. Even with metal levers they were difficult to remove.

    I recently tried some tubeless CX tyres on them and there was no way they were going on. Some tubed CX tyres went on though. Again, pretty tight but doable.


    @Bails, meant 35c sorry yes.

    Got a cheap set of Schwalbe Durano 28c road tyres for commuting on, I thought they’d fit, but thought i’d better check.


    I ran 28mm Marathon Plus on a set but I wouldn’t do thinner! Just be mindful, they are a bugger to get on and off!

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    I’ve had 28s on there too. Spoke to stans and they recommended no narrower. Not too bad with yellow tape, the hope tape fitted trapped the bead and made getting them off near impossible


    I have 28’s road tyres on crests currently and have had various 32/35 CX tyres on there all have worked tubeless but slicks at 50psi max makes a tube worth while!


    In the not-dead-yet category…

    Having read the comments about road tyres (tubed) on Crests I thought I’d give it a go with my usual winter road tyres: Michelin Krylion 25mm at 80 psi.

    They went on easier than I thought they might, and worked fine on the commute, so I left them on & have now done 4 x 200k audaxes and months of commuting. One puncture and the tyre came off fine.

    Crests are 60g lighter than my former default road choice Open Pros, and my usual tyres come up loads wider on a wide rim…I’m sold. 🙂

    (I’ve also run 35mm SB8s on Crests tubeless at sub-40 spi without issue).


    I possibly should add that I’m not expecting any trouble with the tyres themselves, I reckon its more likely I’ll crack the rim round a nipple hole when I hit a pothole with a small volume tyre at high pressure. Any engineers able to comment?

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