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  • How long does it take you to get ready for work?
  • Premier Icon mattbee

    Up at 20 past 6, quick shower while coffee machine warms up, drink coffee then ‘deploy 3 para’ as I am now, then grab some fruit & off I go at ten past 7 to get to work for half past.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    My routine.

    5:50 alarm
    5:51 perform my various ablutions
    6:30 iron shirt
    6:35 empty dishwasher
    6:40 get my son up
    6:55 shuffle the cars about as the wife goes to work
    7:00 breakfast
    7:10 get my daughter up
    7:30 aim to leave the house
    7:40 leave the house
    7:50 drop daughter at nursery
    7:55 drop son off at M I L’s
    8:00 get on the motorway
    8:29 arrive at work


    5:30ish. Go downstairs. Wake computer.


    5.55 am – panic
    6am- alarm goes off *snooze*
    6.20 am -run
    7am -shower
    7.05 am coffee and food
    7.30 am get dressed
    7.40 am walk/cycle to work.

    I have startedcthis new thing where I pre iron all my shirts, its amazing!

    Premier Icon bennn

    7:00 Alarm
    7:01 Sh*t/Shower
    7:08(ish) Dry/Clothe
    7:10 (ish) Cereal/feed cat
    7:25 (ish) Brush teeth
    7:30 Pick up lunchbox, leave.

    Never understood the ‘hit the snooze button as long as possible’ people, surely if you’re efficient at getting ready, you can stay actually asleep for as long as possible..


    4:50 Alarm
    4:51 Get kit on
    5:00 – 5:20 sh*t whilst browsing STW/google weather/e-mails on phone
    5:20 – 5:30 let dog out/feed dog/ignore cats
    5:30 – get on bike to ride to work
    6:10 – 6:20 arrive at work
    6:20 – shower/change
    6:50 – start work

    5:45 alarm
    5:50 Shower/shave
    6:02 Dress
    6:05 lay breakfst board for the fmaily and eat breakfst, check news
    6:27 brush teeth
    6:30 drive into village
    6:42 bus into town
    7:15 tram to work
    7:30 at work

    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    I need at least 30 mins in bed with a cup of tea first. That time is now.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Up about 7, fanny about till about 8.15 then ride to work for 9 🙂

    Though this morning it was up at 5.20, out the door at 5.55 then train to London where I am currently abusing the free Wifi 😉


    5.50 alarm
    10 mins drowzing/chatting to gf
    shower/shave/sh etc
    out of house by 6.20/30am (*delays on bin days etc)

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    alarm goes off (or not)
    10-15 mins catching up with news/social media
    get up
    30 mins pot of tea decide on breakfast, browse work e-mails deal with urgent
    30-60 mins breakfast, news, work, singletrack
    maybe make it down to the actual office rather than the laptop in the living room before lunch..

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    [edit] no. [/edit]

    Woken by my wife getting up at 06:30
    roll out of bed about 7
    walk across the landing to the office, start the pc
    wander downstairs and make breakfast about 7:30

    I do always try and make sure I’m showered and dressed by 11.

    Premier Icon Lucas

    Surprised your awake whippersnapper

    4.30 – 6.20 get woken by those pesky kids
    6.20 – 7.10 take dog too see his friends in park
    7.10 – 7.30 shower dressed
    7.30 – 7.45 make breakfast and lunch for me and wife
    7.45 – 8.00 eat breakfast, watch pepper pig and stw
    8.00 – 8.15 panic dress children and run round house looking for stuff
    8.15 – 8.50 take no 2 son to nursery
    8.50 – 9.00 take no 1 son to school
    9.10 arrive at work

    That’s right it takes 3 hours to get to work


    Wake 6am
    Finally drag myself from bed 6.30am
    Fell like s**t, drink water, eat something, get ready.
    At work 7am

    I need to get up earlier!


    Never understood the ‘hit the snooze button as long as possible’ people, surely if you’re efficient at getting ready, you can stay actually asleep for as long as possible.

    I am neither pushed for time nor short of sleep its a 20 buffer zone, sometimes I read sometimes a doze sometimes not.


    06:26 Radio alarm, listen to Radio 4 doom and gloom
    06:50 Get up, shave + brush teeth
    06:55 CHange into bike gear + pack work clothes in rucksack
    07:05 Leave home for work
    07:20 Arrive at work
    07:25 Shower
    07:40 At desk
    08:00 Coffee! (off now for a brew)

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Working from home, FTW. 😀

    Alarm goes off, 4.55am. Log on, 5:00. Amble downstairs and get the coffee on. Proper breakfast about 9ish. Finish work, 13:00. Get dressed.


    0720 – alarm goes off, snooze x 2 so that the wife and I can have a cuddle
    0740 – drag my ass out of bed, No. 1/2 (if required)
    0745 – feed dogs, breakfast
    0750 – make tea/coffee
    0755 – wait for wife to get out of the shower/read paper on the internet
    0810 – shower
    0815 – press-ups, planking
    0820 – get dressed
    0830 – walk dogs
    0845 – leave for work
    0900 – arrive work


    7.45 wake up and shuffle to kitchen
    Make coffee, shuffle back to bed with brew
    8.00 get up, shower, shave, dressed
    8.30 leave house to drop girls at school
    8.45 arrive at office


    Depends if I’m working from home or going into the office.

    Working from home:

    8-9.30 Wake up and get coffee
    Go upstairs and log onto laptop


    8.30-9 Wake up, shower, get dressed
    8.55-9.15 Leave
    9.45 – Arrive at work.

    I tend to do much longer days when I work from home, which is 3/5 days typically.

    Ho hum

    On shave days I wake at 6.30am, ready by 7.20am and leave the house at 7.30am to take eldest to school bus.

    On non-shave days I wake at 6.40am, ready by 7.15am and leave the house at 7.30am to take eldest to school bus.


    0725 alarm goes off
    0735 snooze goes off and I get up
    0736 toast goes in, coffee poured
    0737 piss
    0738 prepare toast
    0740 eat toast
    0815 make lunch
    0820 don lycra and pack bag
    0830 depart on bike
    0915 lock up bike at work
    0917 shower at work
    0930 buy cinnamon roll
    0935 at work, have coffee, have cinnamon roll

    Premier Icon MSP

    I used to go either swimming or running most mornings before work, got up at 6 easily and was usually in bed by 10 the night before.

    That gradually faded away as I let my life become cluttered with unimportant junk (about 20 years ago), and now I really struggle to get up in the morning. I try to get back in the rhythm, but it never seems to last for more than a couple of weeks until bad habits start to take over again.

    I read this on the BBC yesterday, found it quite interesting. It is easy to forget how badly poor sleep can effect our health.

    I was thinking of setting an alarm on my phone for 9pm every night, to switch of my TV and computer, try and remove some of the junk from life that just kills time.


    cycling day

    5:30 – alarm goes off
    5.35 – coffee, yogurt, read internetz
    6.10 – pack bag , get dressed
    6.30 – leave
    7.45 – arrive
    7.50 – shower
    8.00 – at desk eat breakfast

    driving day

    7.00 – alarm goes off
    7.05 – in shower
    7.15 – coffee on
    7.20 – get dressed
    7.25 – dump coffee in cup and jump in car
    8.00 – at work

    try and remove some of the junk from life that just kills time.

    thatll be STW then 😉


    Oh god

    6 alarm in shower before smelly housemate
    6:20-640 out of shower, hair, make up
    7:15 start to choose clothes
    7:30 panic about clothes
    7:45 get dressed ( maybe redo make up hair depending on clothes)
    750 coffee
    8:00 leave for work
    8:45 arrive desk
    9:15 think about clothes I should have worn, depressed

    Premier Icon DezB

    Blimey, STW reaches a new low in the world of the mundane.


    DezB wrote:

    Blimey, STW reaches a new low in the world of the mundane.

    Would you rather another 26v29″ wheel debate? :p

    I work afternoons so…

    up at 7:30 for the school run,
    ride bike,
    shower, dinner and a kip by 13:00,
    leave for work by 13:50.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    7.00 Alarm goes off
    7.50 Stop pressing snooze and drag self into shower
    8.05 Iron shirt
    8.15 Finish dressing
    8.25 Leave for bus stop
    8.28 Catch first bus
    8.40 Catch second bus/curse that first bus was late so missed second bus, hail cab.
    8.55 Arrive at work
    8.56 Start posting on here

    esher shore

    never had a problem getting out of bed – spent years at boarding schools where a scary matron would shout at anyone still in bed after alarm call

    can get up and out of house, including breakfast and ready to ride to work in 1/2 hour


    up at 06:30 when the boy wakes up
    change his nappy
    give him breakfast
    game of indoor football/ wrestle/ throw things at Dad
    throw work clothes in bag
    07:30-08:00 ride to work
    08:30-09:00 dullness ensues

    Premier Icon just5minutes

    06.53 alarm / snooze button
    07.02 2nd alarm – get up
    07.08 finish shower / shave in the shower
    07.10 finish brushing teeth
    07.15 finish getting dressed
    07.18 finish small bowl of cereal
    07.19 leave the house


    04:00 Alarm, drag carcass to bathroom, trying not to wake SWMBO
    04:02 Finally arrive bathroom after bumping into various walls\doors that have inexplicably moved overnight. S.S.S.
    04:40 Dress in spare bedroom, then let out\in dogs
    05:00 Leave for work
    06:10 Arrive work, make a brew and let previous shift away
    18:15-30 Leave work and attempt to escape Aberdeen
    1940 Arrive home, catch up with SWMBO, shower.
    21:00 Collapse into bed and repeat
    Depending on demand I may get a rest period to eat.

    Premier Icon lunge

    6am alarm, straight out of bed to shower.
    6:03 out of shower for shave and tooth clean
    6:08 back to bed room shaven with better breath. Get dressed, grab tie but don’t put on yet.
    6:13 grab lunch box including breakfast, put in bag with tie.
    6:15 leave house and walk to station,6 minutes walk.
    6:23 train leaves. Eat breakfast, buy coffee and put on tie on the train.

    I love sleep and do all I can to maximise my morning efficiency. This obviously relies doing the prep the night before but it does work.

    Premier Icon brant

    7:00 Alarm
    7:01 Kettle on
    7:02 In shower
    7:05 Out of shower
    7:06 Hot water on teabag.
    7:07 Clothes on
    7:10 Teabag out. Milk in.
    7:11 Pack bag
    7:12 Walk to car
    7:15 Drive off
    9:00 Arrive PX Global HQ


    get up, coffee, breakfast wander upstairs, surf for a bit, more coffee, email, prevaricate a bit more, more coffee, do something productive for about 30 mins get bored…. coffee surf….

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    Use to be about 15 mins from getting up to getting out the door. Now with a toddler that seems to have stretched out to about 2 hours! WFH definitely FTW.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    after posting my new work from home part time routine I have to confess to being in the 20 minute camp a few years back when commuting round the M60. Had to get a faster boiling kettle at one point


    Depends on the shift, if it’s a proper early one then I’m up at 5 to leave at half 5 and arrive at work at half 6. On a later one I’ll take more time and actually have a shower and breakfast before work.


    Up at 6, leave at 7 for 20 mile ride to work, in work about 8:15, at desk for about 8:40

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