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  • SSDs for £20 – what?
  • Premier Icon molgrips
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    I’m sure a year or two ago I was paying £80-90 but they have Crucial ones on Amazon for £20 for 120Gb! Is there a catch? Are they just super cheap now or are these crap?

    These ones

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou
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    BX is not crucial’s top rated model.

    Also, 120GB is a bit low for a main disk if you’re replacing…

    Premier Icon molgrips
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    120Gb is enough for my purposes, top speed isn’t a huge issue as I’d be upgrading an old laptop that I use only for Zwift. It takes so long to load the app with an old HDD that I’m in danger of missing races!

    Premier Icon Superficial
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    And SATA is a bit unfashionable? Most newer computers will use NVME. But it’d be a great upgrade if you’re still on a solid state drive (and 120Gb is enough storage).

    Premier Icon mattyfez
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    No real catch, as above, smaller capacity and not the fastest SSDs, the cheaper ones can chugg a bit with certain loads/file transfers, something to do with caching, I think.

    You can buy 1TB SSDs for less than £100.

    Premier Icon Aidy
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    I think you’re just mis-remembering prices.

    I bought a branded 120GB SSD in 2014 for £40.

    Premier Icon zilog6128
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    Sounds perfect for use with a R Pi (with SATA -> USB adapter of course!) Reckon I will give that a crack, not tried booting off anything except an SD card before.

    Premier Icon P-Jay
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    Yep pricing has been tumbling for years.

    It wasn’t long ago we only ordered in 500GB SSDs when clients wanted them because they were a couple of hundred quid each, I buy them in 10s now and I’ve usually got a couple of 1TB drives on the shelf.

    I don’t bother buying 128s anymore as there’s such a small price difference between them and 240s.

    It’s all NMVe now, they’re supposed to be multiples faster but real-world they don’t seem to be, they to give the tech guys nightmares and have a pretty high failure rate.

    Premier Icon CountZero
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    and 120Gb is enough storage

    😳 My old iPod Classic was 160Gb, and it wasn’t big enough five years ago!

    Premier Icon squirrelking
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    I have a 240GB one in my laptop, plenty fast enough and they are going for £24 on Amazon. Might pick up another for that price.

    Premier Icon schrickvr6
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    £20- £25 for 240/256gb and £42-£46 for 480/512gb has been the going rate for some time.

    Premier Icon gobuchul
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    My old iPod Classic was 160Gb, and it wasn’t big enough five years ago!

    Big enough for what? That’s about 600 albums in FLAC, over 2000 in decent MP3 format.

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