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  • Sram X9 or X7 Rear Mech?
  • Shepdon

    Is the X9 worth the extra £20 over the X7, would there be any noticeable difference in use between the 2
    Anyone using or used both and what are your views on them
    Regards S

    If thi is 9 speed then yes, I did notice quite a bit of a difference


    used both. no difference in shifting ability. x7 lasted longer (still going in fact) and the jockey wheels don’t sieze.

    i’m sure x9 is lighter if that’s your thing but x7 ftw


    It’s all in the shifter feel, if you have decent shifters (x9 at least) then I have found no noticeable difference! I just put an X7 on my bike ( merlin £34.95 ) and notice NO difference so don’t see the point in another £20-25.


    Ive had both recently, but i think the difference is in the shifter not the mech.


    Thanks Guys
    I got XO shifters so think I’ll try an X7 a few grams weight difference does not bother me


    Just came from x7 to x9.

    The main mounting pivot on the x7 normally has loads of slop from factory(had a fondle of a few), the pivot design also gets a lot of slop easily, this results in the mech sitting at a different alignment to the cassette dependent on how far up and down the cassette it is.

    The x9 has a slightly different mounting pivot configuration, has no slop as of yet, the different configuration also look less likely to develop slop.

    The x9 works better from experience, but can’t comment whether this will hold true a year down the line.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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