SRAM s1000 cranks -plastic spacer?

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  • SRAM s1000 cranks -plastic spacer?
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    Im replacing a knackered GXP bb with a Hope one. Cranks are SRAM S1000 I think.

    Anyways, the cranks won’t push through the drive side, pulled them off, cleaned them up, and there’s some sort of plastic top hat spacer on the cranks. Is this part of the GXP BB that’s stuck to the cranks, or is it part of the cranks, and I just need to whack it in?!

    This pup:


    Have you got the cups on the right side.  The plastic top hat fits into the SRAM GXP drive side cup. Mine don’t have any spacers but have the top -hat – it’s a bearing shield – when pushed through you can see about 4-5mm of axel between crank and GXP on the drive side, which is correct.


    Sorry, having issues with posting images.

    Yup, deffo the right side as it’s threaded!

    Pic of the offending spacer half way along the axle here:

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    If it’s a bearing shield, which is kind of what I thought, then I guess I don’t need it with the Hope BB.

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    The plastic top hat thing is almost certainly the bearing shield and part of the B.B.  You don’t need it.

    What you do need if fitting a Hope BB to GXP crank is the metal Hope adapter rings for the NDS bearing cup though. If you don’t have those you need to get a set before you can finish this. The GXP crank is only 24mm on the DS. The NDS is narrower so without the metal top hat rings fitted to the B.B. cup will not engage the bearing and you’ll wreck the DS very quickly.


    Cheers! That’s what I thought.

    Re the gxp top hats – ta, already got and fitted 🙂

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