Sram Guide lever stuck.

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  • Sram Guide lever stuck.
  • alpin

    Had a hair raising descent today whilst half way down Ingenere trail in Finale.

    My rear brake lever decided to give up the ghost. The lever is stuck open. No amount of forcing is getting it to budge.

    The caliper is wide open. The lever is in its normal position, but it doesn’t move.

    It feels like the piston has popped out  as one used to happen with my friend’s Formula brakes, but that isn’t the case.

    Have been told this is a known problem without a fix and that it means a new lever.

    Anyone know of a trick to sort it  before I have to go through the rigmarole of sending it back? If I do send it back then I guess I’ll send the Reverb back at the same time as it has a few mm sag.

    Think I’ll be ordering a new Transfer post and some decent brakes in the very near future…..

    Is this the thing where the white plastic plunger swells in the heat? If you cool the lever down, does the lever feel return?

    had this on a guide rs. There’s a thread on mtbr about removing the plunger and sanding it down a little. Issue is fixed on the latest model with the bleeding edge port.


    Sounds like it….. Shitty situation either way.

    High end brakes that don’t deal with 25°C and a fair bit of braking*

    *out with customers that are slow … Que people telling me I am braking wrong …. 🙂

    There’s supposedly a lever rebuild kit. I just bought a whole new brake in the end as I also needed a new hose and brake pads….bit crap though.


    Bit different to your problem, could be heat related though, but a few weeks ago, i went to go out on a ride and the rear brake was stuck solid.

    Happened to be a day where the rear of the bike was in direct sunlight on a hot day. Lever couldn’t be pulled at all and brake was on so couldn’t ride the bike.

    Next day, it works perfectly fine like before.

    I like(d) my guides but they are getting a bit temperamental. Bite points changing etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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