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  • Squeaking SPD’s
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    I’ve noticed lately that my SPD’s are squeaking/creaking really badly when I’m riding. I can’t remember exactly when I replaced the cleats last but it wasn’t too long ago and it didn’t seem to improve the squeaking.

    Are there any clipless pedals that don’t squeak in use?

    Any tips to stop mine squeaking as it’s bloody annoying?!

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    Are you sure it’s the pedals? In the dry I get a squeak which seems to come from the sole of the shoes on the pedal.

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    I had squeaky straps on Sidi shoes last year. Silicon spray helped a bit.

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    I find new cleats do this for a while. Goes away after they’ve worn in a bit. Silicone spray silences it for a ride or two.

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    Lubing the cleats, springs & bindings usually helps quieten things down.

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    Undoing the spd bolts one by one and greasing them liberally fixed my squeak (one by one so your clear position doesn’t move).

    Unless it’s your knees? 😉

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    I bought some Boardman Team spd pedals from Halfords. They were lighter than XTR and in 3 years of heavy use on mine and Mrs B’s bike they have been unbreakable.

    However they developed a squeak. There was no stainless plate on the pedal body where the cleat rubs the pedal at its outside edge.

    This caused the steel cleat to wear the pedal body. This caused a squeak. It took me ages to find the squeak. The pedals are still going strong but the body has a horseshoe shaped groove at the outside edge.


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    +1 for shoe sole rubbing against pedal

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