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  • square taper problems?
  • Premier Icon tmb467

    Had a UN26 die on me within 4 months too

    Just fitted a UN55 to replace it so see how long that lasts

    Premier Icon ton

    dodgy batch perhaps?

    I had issues with my square taper on my commuter.

    The non-drive side crank arm bolt kept coming loose.

    Tightened it loads until I got pi**ed off & removed it to inspect.

    Turns out the ‘square’ part of the crank arm was far from square 🙁

    New Hollowtech 2 setup soon followed.

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    I too used the old set up till I found out that the crank interface had stretched and no big torque would keep the bolt or arm held in place. time to get modern on it. 🙂

    Premier Icon ton

    modern stuff now ordered from crc.

    Premier Icon ton

    always used square taper bottom brackets when possible (when doing self builds), so that’s is a lot of bb’s over a lot of years.

    built a new tourer a couple of months ago, used a un26, which I know is cheap but usually ok, it died in 6 weeks
    fitted a un54 about 3 week ago. feels loose already and squeaks/creaks like buggery.

    any idea’s?
    finger is poised over the buy button for a new xt m780 set up

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Might be – I’d put it down to maybe cross threading the NDS cup and perhaps throwing it offline / not supporting the bracket properly (ie user error in installation)

    I’d be happier if it wasnt my fault tho


    Creaking is a fit issue, not related to BB itself


    In my experience, squeaks and creaks are often the crank arms worn and moving slightly.

    What happened to the first one? Can’t imagine them failing in 6 weeks. Those and cockroaches will be the only things to survive a nuclear war.



    Same issue I had a few times. Worked out it was partly because I ride with left foot forward when coasting, which is acting against the thread direction of the bolt.

    Gave up in the end, went HTII.

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