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    Or perhaps people feel the need to be cosseted as they worry about the rigours of navigating/repairs/traffic etc and feel safer going for the softer option?

    I’m sure there is a proportion of riders who fall into this category, but we shouldn’t see that as a criticism and it’s a massive sweeping generalisation to say the same for all sportive riders. I’ve seen clubs beasting sportives looking for a fast time, I’ve seen people just out to explore a new part of the country at a cruising pace. People ride for different reasons.

    I’ve ridden Sportives (granted only 2). I’ve also ridden trail centres, followed routes using an OS map, just gone exploring and tried not to get lost, played in the woods practising wheelies and corners, ridden as far as time allows before having to turn back for dinner. If it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t do it.

    Doing an audax holds a lot of appeal to me, but I’d not realised until this thread that it was such an “us and them” clique. It’s a bit sad really.

    Premier Icon DavidB

    Out of interest. How crap can you be and still have it be worth turning up to a cat 4 race? I’m not completely rubbish, I can stick with fast-ish groups on club runs, and had been pondering doing one. If I can’t hack it will I have a miserable time or be a massive burden for the organisers?

    I think you’d be fine if you can stick with the fast group on a club run. If you are anywhere near Chippenham go do the Thursday night 3/4 race at Castle Coomb, if it all gets too much then sit up for a lap.

    Edric 64

    Or try the new Odd Down circuit in Bath on Tuesdays


    I’m a long, long way from those but cheers for the info.

    Wahay! I too was bored of this thread until the same tired old anti-sportive cliches got brought out 8)

    Can the people who keep harping on about ‘entering a real race instead’ please tell me where all these ‘real races’ are that take in 100 mile routes through the most scenic, hilly roads in the country? I haven’t seen one yet.

    And Audaxes? They’re the waste of money (however little). What are you paying for again? Anything? I could just plot my own xxx mile route through whatever hills I wanted, and just stop at shops or public toilets for any ‘support’ I need. In fact, I did that every other weekend when I was in Scotland.

    Sportives are an event. If you’re not some miserable anti-social old gimmer, and you like having a huge cross section of other cyclists on the road beside you to measure yourself against, chat to, catch up with, be passed by etc etc then sportives are ace. Food stops mean you can travel with empty pockets and just one water bottle.

    I just hope that by the time I return to the UK, all the sportives haven’t been banned because other cyclists keep whining about them! 😕

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    ^ nicely put 😆


    Baaah baaah ….. (And other sheep like noises).

    Old Gimmer? Cheeky youth 🙂

    Measure yourself against? What like at the urinals…? 🙂

    Premier Icon imnotverygood

    Stop mumbling boblo. I don’t know why people can’t type clearly these days, in my day people used 22 point Times New Roman, not like the tiny stuff used on here mumble mumble


    LMAO at the above.

    Sportives seem to have an image. People buy into this image. Lets say Rule 5,10,17,38,59,67,68,72,86 and 88 need to be applied.

    Sheep like noises? I’d say there’s more sheep like behaviour exhibited in the peloton of a ‘real race’ than there is in the shambolic scattering of individuals on a road which constitutes most sportives I’ve entered… 😀

    *wanders off to study ‘rules’* These aren’t the same ‘rules’ which seem mostly concerned with correct cycling dress code are they?


    Sound like the ones. Rule 5 being the most appropriate.

    Yep, I did my research, your choice of rules don’t seem to apply to the image I have of sportives though.

    Oh, but well done, you did manage to pick one ‘dress code’ rule, confirms my suspicions of velominati 😀


    @pjm84 Shirley that’s someone off here… 🙂


    I just hope that by the time I return to the UK, all the sportives haven’t been banned because other cyclists keep whining about them

    As a non UK resident I don’t think you are entitled to an opinion.

    However we’ll keep them safe just for you. TBH I think they’re settling into the mainstream now anyway. I think if they get any bigger they’ll attract controls. It’s all just riding.

    Reliability Trial; £5 waymarked route. Did six this winter.
    Sportive; £25 waymarked route, timing and freebies. Done a few this year. Doing a big French one in a few months.
    Audax; £5 Unmarked route, requires self navigation. Doing one next month.
    Road Race; £10 Pin on a number and dribble. Done thirteen this year, won one.
    XC race; £15 Pin on a number and dribble. Only done one this year.
    Cyclocross; £12 Pin on a number and dribble. Whole season to be booked.
    All very different and worthy.

    As a non UK resident I don’t think you are entitled to an opinion.

    As probably the only fool ever who moves to Vancouver and stills pines for Scotland, I reckon I’m doubly entitled to an opinion 8)


    Move to Tokyo where cyclist can ride on pavement with 10m plus people.

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