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  • Specialist bike insurance
  • panzerjager
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    Can anyone recommend an insurance policy for my mountain bike?
    Have been insured for the last few years with Pedalcover, which while being quite a lot more than our previous standard home policy, I considered it worth the extra for the cover it gave.
    We’ve just had a renewal quote that has gone up by 50%, due to claiming for household damage due to a neighbour’s fire.
    Needless to say our insurance company claimed back the amount through our neighbours, but when we called to query the renewal amount we were told that as the claim hadn’t been settled that we would pay as if it were our claim.
    My wife checked this with AXA, the underwriter for Pedalcover & the guy basically said they were ripping us off.
    So, given that I work abroad & the bike is always with me when I’m away, staying in my apartment when I come home to the uk for a weekend, what do you reckon my best option is for insurance?

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    I use Bikmo!! Can’t fault them. Paid out in full when my bikes were stolen 3½ years ago.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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