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  • Sold ads clogging up Classifieds
  • spxxky
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    Is there anyone who can remove SOLD adverts from the classifieds?

    They’re starting to clog up the page

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    Individual advertisers can do this, it might be better than marking them “sold”? I’ve just removed two of my sold ads by using “delete”.
    There, that’s two less!!

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    How long are premium ads supposed to show for? Until this week there’d been a Saracen on there for six months

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    Sounds like six months…

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    I guess from STW’s point of view, the “sold” listings are basically adverts for the premium service- a demonstration that stuff is selling. But it does make a bollocks of the user experience for buyers

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    The option to show it hide sold listings needs to be in advanced search with the default to hidden. It goes hand in hand with fixing the advert limit when items have sold. Currently a sold but non expired add counts towards your limit. Sold and expired doesn’t. This means you have to delete your sales history (which presumably appears to search engines as content) to post a new add.

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    I mark as sold until I know the item has arrived or been collected and the buyer is happy. Then I delete the ad.

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