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  • So, you've won the lottery, what do you do?
  • TuckerUK

    Depending on amount won:

    Travel the world slowly with (extended?) family.

    Start my own company.

    Undertake volunteer work.

    don simon

    Continue working, I love my job.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I think I’d still work, but on my own terms. Freelance jobs that I enjoy or are otherwise rewarding.

    Easy to say hypothetically though. (-:

    Premier Icon flap_jack

    I’d get properly fit and do all the riding I could. I think I’d get old and broken before I got bored of that, so I’d invest in a load of HGH to keep going as long as possible.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Set myself up with a workshop to make posh wooden furniture.


    Would probably go to work for free for a classic car restorers and learn their trade. Either that or hookers and blow 😉

    Premier Icon martymac

    id probably split my life, half time in the uk, half my time (winter) in canada.
    spend my days biking, walking the dog, tbh, id probably just live what my parents would have recognised as a normal life.

    I’d probably end up making shit things out of wood and trying to perfect my compost heap. That’s more or less how I’d like to end my days no matter what, come to think of it.


    Travel the world slowly with (extended?) family.

    Oh my god, there would be murder!!

    Ride my bike lots, build my own house, and i don’t mean pay someone to do it, actually build it myself, apart from the plastering, i’d get my dad to do that!

    volunteering sounds good too, and a nice long holidays when the lad isn’t at school!

    Premier Icon sneakyg4

    I would not tell a soul, quietly quit my job and buy a place in France, read books, ride my bike, eat cheese.

    Not sure what I would do with a massive win, probably give most of it away.


    Renovating old houses, (and letting them out)
    Restoring classic cars/bikes
    Traveling the world


    spent a lot more time with my kids, whilst they’re at school go riding with my wife, maybe start making music again.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Obvious maybe, but I’d open a bike shop. With no pressure to actually make a profit as such, I’d make it more of a social hub and a place to ride from/to.

    Aaah, dreams 🙂


    Die of shock


    I’d buy a yacht and leisurely sail wherever I damn well pleased, I’m sure that my girlfriend and daughter wouldn’t be down with the idea so they’d fly out and meet me in Monaco or wherever 😀

    Premier Icon stewartc

    I always wanted to study political history, so maybe go back to college, then uni and if successful became some rakish Terry Thomas stlye don in one of them upscale US Ivy league colleges.


    i would buy a hill and build m own trail center. and some dh runs. and would build my house on the top of the hill. would need a good lottery win tho 🙂


    I’d travel a bit but then start a business. Already have the idea, just need the free time to do it.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Pay cash to all tradepersons


    I won the EuroMillions this week 🙂

    £10.40, but I won’t let it change me.

    Have a place in the alps for summer/winter fun.

    Travel lots.

    See lots of sporting events and concerts.

    Voluntary work and maybe go back to university and study something interesting this time around.

    There was that irish milkman who’s Mrs won €66m on the euro lottery and he didn’t give up work. So he could do anything he wanted and the best way he could think to use his time was to get up at 3am and deliver milk in Feb. FFS.


    Be me, and sod everyone, and god help anyone parked on double yellows I’d take the side of their cars of, just to see the look on their faces ha ha. That’ll keep of going for years.

    Premier Icon RobinL

    I’d need the Euro win … buy a house on the local estate and maybe even build a trail in the back garden ….

    Running out of time though !

    Premier Icon Drac

    Riding Bikes
    Buy a few buisiness but have other people run them
    Live the good life


    I’d like to do another degree, probably OU, not sure what subject – history maybe. And more sport. Travel a fair bit during the kids holidays.


    I would leave my job and never work again. I’d ride bikes, travel the world and have a good time for the rest of my days

    Premier Icon binners

    I’d build a big underground lair on a remote island and develop a death ray



    I always thought I’d do much of what most people above have said, and I’m sure I’d lavish some on myself and keep the family right, however everytime I watch Secret Millionaire, I’m always suprprised how (relatively) little money can make a massive difference to alot of peoples/causes fortunes. I genuinely think that I’d try and do something either along the lines of voluntary work or something Philanthropic(but I’m in a good mood today and the sun is shining and I have the evening to myself to go ride in the sun which may be clouding my judgement!).


    I’ve thought about this far too much.

    Travelling and education. The travelling would involve cycling mainly, but maybe a bit more luxurious than full on touring.

    Education wise – learning languages (ties in with the travelling) and doing courses that interest me with no thought for how “useful” they are. Esoteric but interesting stuff to keep me stimulated.

    A nice house in the middle of nowhere and a flat somewhere closer to civilisation.

    And I have various plans to piss off my employer after I’ve left as long as I’m safe burning those bridges…


    Crimp one off on the desk.


    Have a nice house built on a big plot of land and turn that to flower meadow, give money to certain charities, like the Burnham hovercraft rescue, RSPB, Wilts Air Ambulance, buy houses in Europe and North America, and let friends and family use them for free whenever they wanted.
    Do lots of travelling, following bands around entire tours in America, because there are a lot of US/Canadian acts who tour very rarely, visit lots of different countries.
    All things I’d love to do, just no money.

    the teaboy

    I’d retrain as a palaeontologist.

    I’d like to be a philanthropist. My job would be to give the interest on the capital away to charities. I would work from home. I would do lots of riding and hanging out with the dogs I would be able to have. I’d like to do a degree, but not sure I’d have time.

    Once all the money is settled into trusts and investments I could work remotely and would do the trip that I’ve always dreamed of… get in the car, hitch up the caravan, cross the channel and just go. I’d love to travel through Turkey, Kazakstan, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal. I’d love to see the Nordic countries too.

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    Bloody long time spent touring the world, then go back to University to study all the subjects i now find interesting that i didnt back then…ie Physics/Astrophysics and also the Sports Science type degrees. Id like to learn some foreign languages as well.

    Continue running my business part time, buy a house with a ‘turret room’ (like this)

    overlooking Harrogate Stray and make it into a painting room.

    Then ride my bike and spend quality time with my kids.

    I’d move somewhere warm and english speeking (not xenophobic, butif I had that much money i could afford to be lazy and not bother learning langages). Probably California, never been but bits of it look nice.

    A marina full of big sailing boats (J-class, an Open 60, one of those half size AC class boats) a big house (with bigger multi storey garrage), lots of bikes and classic cars and bikes, allong with some properly fast modern sportscars for those days where you absolutely positively have to leave a 100m long number 11 down the main road.

    Basicly I’d buy everything I have now, but better, and on a sunnier bit of coast.

    If me and le fam were financially sound for the rest of our lives then I’d learn to weld and start making my own bikes. I’d also have a tinker with filming again and when I wasn’t doing that I’d get back into fly fishing again.


    House in Whistler and a season lift pass 🙂

    Not a what would you buy discussion

    If you won and you never have to work again if you don’t want to, what do you do with your days?

    What would you do to fill your time long term

    A couple of us have been mulling this over at work and the upshot is, long term, we have no idea!

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Build a criminal master-mind Den in a disused volcano and plot world domination….

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