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  • So, you've won the lottery, what do you do?
  • Aristotle

    Unless someone’s work is their passion and they absolutely love doing whatever it is they do, I can’t understand why anybody would consider continuing to do it in exactly the same way if they didn’t need to.

    I certainly wouldn’t choose to sit in an office working for somebody else for ~40 hours a week if I had the means not to need to…


    After all the usual travelling for a year and buying a house with turrets and an in and an out gateway, I’d fund myself to do the things that I enjoy doing now but aren’t good enough at to make money.

    So I’d run a little biking hub somewhere in France, take people out on rides if they wanted me to. I’d write and I’d draw for money.

    The whole process would constantly cost me and I’d recieve critical reviews for everything I produced but I’d be very, very happy.

    I’d probably also employ a lady called ‘3 bellows Jane’ for services as yet undocumented.


    I’ve always said i’d li,e to just sod off around the world, back packing style. (with maybe the odd shower / massage in a 7* hotel 🙂 )
    If only to try and let sink in what one could do with, for example, the £110 million forecast for Friday’s euro.

    Doing lots of good for good causes would be top of the list.
    Helping family / mates clear off mortgages etc would be next.
    Probably buy a selection of ‘holiday homes’ across the world.

    Would not expect i’d go mad – i.e. no huge home, not pouring Crystal on me cornflakes etc.

    Note – as ever – all plans are subject to change the moment the cheque arrives 🙂

    If I were to be one of the lucky 100 millionaires that are making on Friday – simples, pay off mortgage. Buy a nice little bolt hole. Keep working but with much less pressure.
    Or, maybe, just maybe, relocate full stop – love where we are but, were we to look at sodding off I’ve always said i’d love to ship out to Canada..

    Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream… Best get a ticket then, Gotta be in it…. 😉

    Premier Icon Woody

    Buy big camper type vehicle and head over to Europe just going where the mood took me, only returning to the UK in April at the end of the ski season with a much better idea of where I want to live. This would probably involve a house in Scotland and a mountain retreat most likely in The Alps, with a panoramic view over the mountains and one of these in the garage 😀

    I would then take flying lessons so I didn’t have to waste as much time travelling between the two.


    Tough one this, the obvious buy land, build a house but where? Needs to be on the doorstep.

    One of the best breaks in the country, Gwenver Cornwall, worse places for biking Cornwall.

    Possibly North Wales, but surf iffy.

    What to do, build the house from scratch, get the gardens growing become self-sufficent, brew beer.

    What with that lot biking,surfing,walking hounds not a lot of time left.

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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