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  • So what’s Aberdeen like then?
  • Kit

    I may be going there on secondment from Edinburgh (sp?) for 12 weeks, but never actually been up there! I’ve heard its quite expensive due to the oil industry, but is it a decent place to live? Any places to seriously avoid?

    And of course… riding??


    Only been there once when a friend was working up there. Can’t say I found it hugely appealing really. Being a small town bumpkin I was slightly shocked to see prossies hanging around in the daytime.


    Brought up in Aberdeen and it’s alreet. The West end is good for renting – architecture’s nice throughout. Belmont Street has a few nice bars (bit studenty though).

    Riding – good if you like natural stuff / forest tracks – Deeside is full of great scenery.


    Was at uni there. North beach is wildly awesome. Often saw dolphins round the harbour.

    Definitely divided into town, gown and oil but a fair bit going on.

    Don’t know much about riding, was more into climbing back then after having two bikes nicked.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    aberdeen is a pretty nice place. heading out along the road through deeside the country gets pretty lovely pretty quickly.

    belmont street is an alright area for drinking.

    the only place i can recommend for riding is the woods behind cults, gairnhill wood it seems to be called on the map. but thats only because thats where i lived as a kid. im sure there are a ton o better places. worth a quick evening blast.


    Loads of fantastic riding from forest trails to more mountainous routes. Bruneep will see you right.

    City is fine – quite a bit to do, pubs, restaurants etc. Seemed fairly safe to me when we lived there.


    My brother moved there 1 year ago from Oxford. I haven’t visited a couple of times and think it’s great. The scenery a short drive away is awesome, some great outdoors life to be had (no idea about MTBing). Bro lives in Gallowgate (in the City) and seems really nice, never had any problems. Really like it except it’s so far away from me and folks (Bicester and Cardiff!).


    I lived there for a year ’96 to ’97, still got a property up there and spent some time there last summer. I loved it and would live there happily. Used to ride out to Kirkhill forest from the city centre in the evening, bit of a climb out but easy to get home after a ride.

    Premier Icon stuartlangwilson

    I lived north of Aberdeen for years (near the meikle partans funnily enough), horrible place, windswept, barren treeless boredom.

    At the moment very windy. loads of good biking on deeside, and also some not too far out of town. Looks lovely when the sun shines, less so when it is all grey, but the clocks go forward soon and evening riding without lights always cheers me up. Drop us an email also if you are heading up.

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    read the Stuart Mcbride books

    i live in aberdeenshire, just out from aberdeen itself.
    so many riding options, it’s brilliant.
    pitfichie, scolty, bennachie, swanley, fetteresso, kirkhill all within 20 minutes drive from the city…….
    aberdeen is “relatively” dry, covered and protected by the grampian mountains (where i live).


    bruneep, ssdan – cheers, will email you when I find out if I am indeed moving up there.

    Cheers for the other replies. Don’t know how much time I’ll actually get out on the bike though. Don’t mind student-ville having only relatively recently stopped being one 🙂


    I like living here, moved up from London about 4 years ago. The biking around here within say 1 hours drive I can think of about 10 really good places to ride, did Pitfichie this afternoon which was awesome. Depends on what you want to do really, plenty of good bars/restaurants etc.. The locals are friendly too. Live in the Ferryhill area which is nice and central, but not too close if you know what I mean..

    It is expensive, but not compared to Edinburgh, which is also expensive.

    I was there from 97 to 99 and loved it. Cold though.

    Premier Icon Woody

    the only place i can recommend for riding is the woods behind cults

    I saw that a few months back when I was visiting my folks – looked like a woodland bmx track with small jumps etc. Amazing to think it used to be a council tip when I was a lad !


    I’ve only flow in and then ridden out but the scenery and remoteness was outstanding. Looked like there was masses of natural trails around too. Worked for me. The only offputting thing was the taxi driver from the airport, that bugger felt if there was a gap between his front bumper and the rear bumper of the car in front, he wasn’t trying hard enough.


    Riding is ace, anything from forest trails to full-on Munro climbs within an hour of Aberdeen. See here for a selection:=

    aw nice one woody. do you mean the bit west of the baptist church in between swewart milnes house and another big house? we built that city with rock and roll, nice to know it is still going. there was loads more cross country though as well.

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