So, quick question, bathroom or shower room

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  • So, quick question, bathroom or shower room
  • Quick bit of background. My wife and I were in the fortunate position to assist our son with buying a small 1 bed house. He has now gone travelling so we are looking at options for it. No matter what we intend to do with it the bathroom needs a refit. It is small. It currently has a toilet, sink and bath/step over shower in it. My wife thinks we should keep the same lay out, but I think it would be better with a luxury shower unit.

    So, question is, 1 bed house; great shower unit or compromise with bath/step over shower?

    Or is there something else?

    Thank you.

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    compromise – decent shower over bath. Lot of future potential buyers will be put off by lack of bath.

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    P-shaped bath with a curved glass screen is ideal. Plenty of room for showering although the bath takes a bit more to fill.
    Will probably need a shower curtain for the bit the screen doesn’t cover so the floor doesn’t get soaked but that doesn’t diminish the experience.


    1 bed house.

    Either be single or couple unlikely kids

    Ergo why a bath ?

    I’m having the same fight but with a 3 bed house into which at some point there will be child…. We have only a shower. It’s fine for us and didn’t put us off buying.

    I do dislike stepping over the side of a bath every shower for the once in a blue moon the bath might be used.

    I think for a 1 bed, I would go shower.

    I’m contemplating doing the same at my flat (2 bed, but just me).
    Currently have an electric shower over a bath. But now have combi boiler so want to remove bath and have a walk in shower unit the same size. The bath is quite small (even for one) so not that great on the rare times I use it, and a bigger walk in shower would be better for showering with the GF or cats*. Too small for both of us in the shower just now really. And we’re not that fat.

    * not the cats

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    This is the wrong place to ask. You’re asking (largely) a load of blokes who traipse into the house covered in mud and shit what their preference is.

    Showers are great for mountain bikers, my wife wouldn’t let us rent a flat without a bath though. If she had her way I wouldn’t be allowed in the bathroom though and there would be a shower in the garage 😁😁

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    We’ve got 4 bed with 2 girls and when we refit the bathroom we’re planning to get rid of the bath for a shower. We’ve not used the baths (there was 2 until the ensuite was refitted) since we moved in 6 years ago. Don’t have time for them, their dirty, and you use loads of water. They will become a thing of the past.
    My wife is Danish and they don’t have baths so that obviously contributes to our decision.

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    Keep the bath, in a 1 bed place at the moment, bath is nice this time of year, no real issues with the shower as it’s decent and powerful plus I can wash bike in the bath when I need to 😉

    It really depends how big the bathroom is, how big could you make a shower cubicle over the current bath arrangement? Unless you can make it a good size whats the point in compromising. All you will end up with is a slightly bigger shower and no bath.

    Over bath showers are the devil’s work, for us tall folk anyway.

    Fit a good shower, and a hot tub in the garden. Win win. 😁

    Thanks for your contribution one and all.



    Bath 100%. fit a decent shower over the bath. Its what I have with easy clearance for a 6’6 person and a rainfall shower. An over bath shower will put off less people than a shower only will


    no bath no deal for me.


    You’re more likely to put buyers off with the lack of a bath, than with the lack of a standalone shower unit.

    Decent bath, decent shower (at a decent height) over it.

    Get what you want and don’t bother about impact of future sale of the property…nobody will not buy a house because it hasn’t got a bath. I’m in the process of selling my mothers house which she had the bath taken out and a big shower put in. I asked the Estate Agent if we should put a bath in and their advice was not to bother…it wouldn’t be worth the cost or the effort. People don’t buy houses and just move in, they always do something to it and if they really want a bath they’ll put one in, it’s cheap enough and no way a big expensive job that would put off a prospective buyer. And of those few people who are exceptions, its a house…there will be plenty of prospective buyers, if one doesn’t buy because of lack of a bath, someone else will. Sure enough we’ve had more than enough interest in my mothers property so the lack of bath has had zero impact on the price of the house or the interest in the property…it’s not once come up as an issue by any interested person and everyone who has looked at it put an offer in.

    Personally I’d have a nice big luxury shower over a bath. I have an occasional bath but always like the idea of a bath rather than the bath itself. I’ll fancy a bath occasionally, run it, get in and after about 3 minutes I get bored, wash up and get out. Waste of water and energy to heat the water.


    For a 1 bed shower for sure. If it was a house or large 2/3 bed family flat I would say the bath with shower but for a 1 bed shower.

    Probably a bath, but find a contemporary shaped bath with a low step over and vertical sides, vertical drain end and slightly sloped back end. This means you’re not stood on the waste with your feet at all manner of funny angles.
    Shaped baths designeded for bathing are simply awful to stand in.
    Having a big ‘flat’ bath floor will make it more conducive to every day showering but still tick the bath box.


    I’ve always went for electric shower over a bath even with having a combi boiler. I like having the electric shower available if/when the boiler breaks down, even if it is a rare occurrence.

    Don’t see problem with stepping over a bath to get into a shower and at 6’4″ I have still have plenty room even with 8′ ceiling. I installed my shower at opposite end to watste trap so that’s never been a problem either.

    I use the shower much more than the bath, but still great to have a bath every now and then to soak in after a long day in the hills.

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