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  • So MTB holidays in Ibiza………
  • Clunge 10/10 Not sure on MTB factor!

    Spey Stout

    MTB holidays and clunge seem to be mutually exclusive, so has anyone been on a MTB to Ibiza?

    So what were the marks out of ten for each aspect?

    Or maybe Ayia Napa?

    Give me your top tips for just teh tip holidays!

    On par with Port Erin.

    So long as you are the domineering type.


    Majorca has mtb hols and if I’m not mistaken also has clunge in spades. Tell me the dates and costs once you have researched it 😀


    Sunny climes for roadie winter training??

    Premier Icon Stoner

    There’s mountain biking (and road riding) on Lanzarote apparently.

    Spey Stout

    Not enough info on the clunge folks, but keep the useful info flowing 😉


    I’ve moved here last year and find the mountainbiking awesome. You can find tracks that are as challenging as you want or as cruisy as you want. There is a ‘ciclo turismo ibiza’ site that has a bunch of routes but I don’t really like them as they involve going on roads quite a bit. They act better as a guide, a rough draft if you like. I’ve found heaps of routes that are away from the main roads and can depart from Ibiza town so no need to drive anywhere. 20,30,40km loops with hills, cliffs, beaches, whatever you fancy really. A lot of singletracks are rocky But not all and not too badly rocky anyhow and there are also lotsa technical tracks you can do following dried up rivers or the some silly ‘this was probably not the best idea’ type of hills. If I didn’t have to work I’d be on the tracks all the time. Like one route of mine has 6 beaches and only takes three hours.. so cruisy and pretty. Another only takes two hours but has this crazy abandoned pit which is like xgames with potholes. Sometimes in the evenings you have guys caning it down the countless steps of the castle which i’d love to do but not with my precious hardtail. I could keep rantng.. Basically Ibiza is not big and the highest peak is only around 400m. So it’s ideal on the bikes… If anyones interested, I’m happy to take people out or show some sample routes or give more info. Not sure about the clunge tho, I thought isaw one on a bike once but it was just a skinny bloke with long hair.

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    I rode with Oliver from MTB Ibiza a couple of weeks ago. A top bloke, good rider and good company. If you’re going on a clunge-oriented trip, it’s worth dropping him an email to sort out a couple of days’ riding when you come up for air. I hired a bike from him too. E65 for a hardtail and E75 for a susser I think. The riding we did was pretty tame, (because we rode out from our hotel) but the views were great. Let him know what sort of riding you want when you book.


    Another vote for Oliver at mtbibiza here

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