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  • vadar

    Last time i was at Glentress i was speaking to a chap who had a cracking v10. But the odd thing about it was he was running a set of vey small wheels. ( Dont know what size they were)
    On asking him why…he says it makes the bike more flickable and rolls faster.
    I was wondering if this maybe when i was a time trialer i used to use 650cc wheels cause i thought they went faster.(not that i did).
    Anybody else use small wheels and what size are they ?????
    I might get some 4 my full sus as he was a small short ass like me…I need all the help i can to ride


    I had some 24″ wheels on my HT but I wasnt convinced by them as you need longer gearing to reach the same top speed and they arnt as controlled over the bumpy stuff. They also lower the BB by a couple of inches so the bike feels a bit faster and is more flickable however it will cause problems with rock/root strikes on the bb shell as well as the cranks pedals and possibly the down tube. On a geared bike it will also bring the rear mech very close to the ground and much more likely to be torn off.


    Premier Icon jam bo

    prolly 24″ wheels, there was a trend of it in DH a few years back, particulary for huck machines where to get the travel the wheels needed to be smaller. they can be built stronger as well.

    they do accelerate faster but get bogged down on really rough courses. i doubt it would roll faster


    So you think that the 29″ wheels will roll better?

    I have seen a few 29ers and they bikes are penny farthing jobs..

    Absolutely fugly bikes..I dont ride one so i dont care ,just my opinion.


    i always rode 650c in timetrials as they accellerated quicker and i could get lower front end.
    i use a 24″ rear on the demo9 as its more manouverable on the laddders etc..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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