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  • Small chuckable 29er frame for “jumping”?
  • Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Okay let me be clear I’m a wheels on the ground type of rider.

    The last time I was on a BMX on a track I broke my hand, got a concussion and would have lost any remaining looks had I have not been wearing a full face helmet…….

    But undeterred …..

    A local bike shop to me is redoing their pump track:

    LMTTM Jnr and LMTTM Jnr Jnr are keen to have a go once reopened.

    Seems like an ideal excuse to build a bike ……

    I have a pair of 29er pikes spare, some Zee kit and some Hope/Flow rims that could all be repurposed I would just need a frame.

    At 6′ 3” jump bikes have always felt really small – the BMX I was on ^^^ felt tiny! – so I naturally thought 29er.

    It’s unlikely to see much in the way of “rad to the power of gnar” so not looking to spend lots of money or for it to be a dedicated jump bike – do 29er jump bikes exist?

    So what are the folks suggestions?

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    Cheap alloy hardtail 29er frame in size S/XS (ideally one that will do singlespeed). Air shaft for your pike to the last travel possible.

    Fast rolling tyres at high psi, seat set as low as possible.

    Job done!

    I’d want something cheap, well built and I’m guessing not too slack a HA.

    Edit: I see you don’t want a dedicated jump bike. So, just build a hardtail and live with the limits that it’ll have for jumping over a proper jump bike.

    A proper sized hardtail for you (480+mm reach) is very different to a jump bike with 430mm reach or similar.

    Tbh, for the price of a decent ht frame, you’re not far off a complete dirt jump bike, £500-750 would get one.


    not sure 29 inch wheels will roll well on a pump track. Probably depends on the scale of the track.


    You know you want it*

    SE Bikes Big Ripper 29" BMX Bike – Arctic White

    *Probably shite for actual pumptrack useage

    Premier Icon ads678

    I’ve ridden my Solaris on the pump track at Leeds bike park a few times and it’s just to big to get through the tight bumps/jumps properly*. My 26″ wheeled ragley blue pig is sooo much better for that sort of thing and was great when I had it set up single speed. BMX track is a bit different though as the jumps are spaced out more, so the Solaris works better there.

    I’d sell the pikes and build up a second hand Bfe or something like that. With short travel or rigid forks.

    *probably more me being shit than the bike being wrong though….

    Premier Icon bigginge

    I spent most of my limited summer riding taking my chameleon round Thetford and Brandon where it proved to be brilliant fun and pretty handy over the jumps they have there (for what they are worth). It will almost certainly end up at Phoenix when it’s back open.

    Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    Also 6’3″ and built up an 18″ Ragley 26 with 120 forks for jumping and twatting about. Big 29er fan but wouldn’t fancy one for that application

    Premier Icon kelron

    Why not a used jump bike and get used to it? I’m a similar height and not an experienced rider and I love it. Will be cheaper and more suitable.

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    The scout 290 I had has been ridden round the local pump track a few times, was pretty good. Should of dropped the saddle a bit, as it was getting in the way even with a 170mm dropper!

    I’m 6’2″ with a Transition PBJ but people much taller than me ride similar bikes or even BMX’s. It feels properly fast on BMX style tyres. It wants to fly, only my lack of bottle keeps it on the ground.

    Like anything, a good rider will be able to rip a 29er around a pump track. I bet it’s hard work though.


    I’ve got a large Nukeproof Scout 290 frame from 2016 that I was going to photograph and put on classifieds this weekend if of any interest.

    Used or new BMX cruisers with 24″ wheels are really cheap compared to MTBs and are ideal for pump tracks. Slightly easier to ride than a normal BMX too!

    My money is on a cheap 650b hardtail at the right tool for the job here…
    6’5” on a on one dedar in large…
    For the local jump/short twisty Dh in the trees…

    If you must have a 29er, and be a do-it-all-ish I buy a Stanton switch9er

    Premier Icon djflexure

    Canfield yelli screamy frame S/h

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    6’2″ here and my Calibre Astronut feels ace on a pump track. I think it’s because they are a tad longer than traditional jump bikes?

    Premier Icon joebristol

    Jump bike or bmx is the obvious solution, but I built up a medium Vitus Sentier VRX frame (650b)but with non plus tyres and a 140mm Pike and it’s brilliant fun on a pump track. 150mm dropper slams right down out the way (I’m only 5’9) and thy e bike is so responsive.

    Imagine a 29er could be a bit more tricky to rip round corners with a longer wheelbase / bigger wheels but it probably depends on geometry. You don’t want a LLS one – you want something shorter and sharper. I don’t know what the 29er Vitus Sentier frame is like but the 650b version isn’t slacked out or particularly long. I only paid £150 for my frame in a CRC sale too.


    Bit random but those 29er Boardman pro hardtails are pretty good frames. I had one in large and it did a lot of things very well. It was decent on a pumotrack with the saddle down and the frames are cheap.

    Premier Icon confused58

    If you are going 29, how about a Bird Zero29 frame?

    The Z29 I demo’d was very “chuckable”,seemed to jump, pump and turn really well, whilst still having 29’er momentum.

    I love my Zero 29. Not tried it on the local pump track but I was at Drumlanrig the other week and there’s a bit that has lots of rollers and it was good fun pumping it round there. I’ve also spent a fair bit of time at the local woods which have plenty of jumps and drops and it feels great on those too.

    I don’t post much anymore but the logic here is annoying me.

    Just buy a second hand 26″ jump bike. It’s the best solution, along with being the cheapest. You can buy a used DJ bike for less than a new frame and those parts are wasted on a pumptrack bike. I’m 6ft 2″ and for less than £300 bought a Specialized P2 and put new tyres, brake, grips and pedals on. The size was fine. Use the right tool for the job.

    Premier Icon itlab

    getonyour bike is right

    26inch is defiantly not dead as far as jump bikes go

    a bit of eBay watching and a Spesh P2, DMR sect, or one of the 26inch NS Bikes should get you something in good condition for less than a new 29er frame

    I get what you’re saying, I managed to pick up a P1/2 for not much but for all the times I’ve actually had it at the pump track I’m thinking of giving it away as I don’t really have space for it and it hasn’t been used in over a year. I am now tempted to take my Bird to the track to try it out and then once I’ve done that I can go out on the local trails.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Thanks all.

    I have an Identity Dr Jekyll frame and an original Specialized P1 Long in frame format and some Reba Team forks but I really wanted to go the 29er route.


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