Six days race in Gent – anyone been, got ticket advice?

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  • Six days race in Gent – anyone been, got ticket advice?
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    As above really. Been following this a bit and thinking about going next year.

    A quick search on t’Internet doesn’t seem to offer up much on what the options are for the average punter.

    So I thought I’d put it to the hive. Any thoughts, advice (good or bad), experiences, etc very welcome.

    Interested in options for getting tickets, best days to attend, accommodation, travel (from Manchester) etc etc

    Thanks in advance!

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    Haven’t been for a few years but always got tickets here

    Went Friday and Saturday nights, highly recommend. We went by train, nice easy trip.


    Likewise not been for a few years but Fri/Sat night and used to take in the Koksijde CX World Cup on the way back on Sunday. Tbh not sure if its still the same w/e but it always was

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    Thanks guys, much appreciated. That uitbureau site takes a bit of head scratching! Will give ’em a bell.

    I’d welcome any more input as and when 😀


    I’ve not been for the race before but if you do go I can wholeheartedly recommend trying some meatballs from balls and glory while you’re there.

    Getting the train over from Cambridge (via Kings cross and st. pancras if I recall correctly) was very easy and I’d most likely do the same again if I go back.

    I used the Belgian website and Google translate to buy tickets, easy enough.
    It’s a great city, be sure to leave time for more than just bikes and beer.

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    Thanks again for the input gents. Any thoughts on how far in advance you are able to buy tickets / how far in advance I need to buy them in order to get in?

    Ghent is a lovely place and well worth a day or two to explore by bike

    I went to the 6 day race, think we just bought tickets on the day and it was not expensive. We were standing in the middle of the track, which had a great atmosphere, however not that good if you want to watch the actual race. They are spinning round you so fast it’s impossible to follow what’s going on, especially as the commentary is in Belgian. Most people seemed to be there for the beer and hot dogs.

    Check out the famous bike shop Plum while your are there, it’s awesome

    There is also a very cool bakery/pizza/cafe called Superette

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