Singlespeed sprocket recomendations please – slightly odd hub problem

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  • Singlespeed sprocket recomendations please – slightly odd hub problem
  • andrewh


    I have been riding my an ss for years. I like to use a conventional hub so that I can put gears on it when i need to (vertical dropout, tensioner in place of the rear mech)

    I have always just used a sprocket from an old 9 speed cassette, some old cassette spacers to pad it out and an old 9 speed chain, all has been good.

    However, this was on some reasonably tough hubs, either a Chris King ISO or a Hope XC Ti, titanium blocks are fine.

    I have a much lighter rear hub which I would like to use on the ss, a Tune Prince. The freewheel on this is incrediably light but also appears to be very, very soft. Using a thin 9 speed sprocket causes it to dig into the splines. It also has slightly odd splines, one thick one to guide where the cassette goes, and the rest thin, almost a reverse of a normal one.

    Anyway, I am looking for a sinlgespeed sprocket which will fit a conventional hub but which will spread the load, I guess something which is nice and wide at the bottom, taking the space of two or three sprockets in a cassette if you see what I mean. If it is also available in many different sizes that would be good, looking for 19/20/21 at present, would also like to have 17/18 just in case ( I do change gear, it’s just a very manual shift…)

    If it fits an old 9 speed chain then great, if I have to buy a proper singlespeed chain to fit this sprocket will that fit a Hope Narrow/Wide ring? The 9 speed chain fits that perfectly.

    Cheers guys.


    Gusset Double Six is just what you need.  3/64 or 3/32, wide range of sizes from 12 – 19 and most importantly has a 7mm wide base.  Have used them for years in alloy bodies and never leave a mark.  If you really need 20t or above then I guess no good though.


    I use Gusset cogs and they have been fine on an alloy freehub, both hope, superstar and sun ringle. The contact point is probably as wide a s 2 normal cogs The Sun ringle was second hand and pretty chewed up but has got no worse using Gusset. I use 9 speed chain too. Not too sure how sizes they do ( I have 16t and 18t). Charlie the Bike Monger is your man for everything SS.

    Not sure I’m understanding properly but do you have more than one cog on the free hub at the same time?.


    Loads of wide based SS sprockets – Surly, Gusset, On-One etc

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    As above, any wide base sprocket will eliminate the digging in. I use the On-One Groove Armada sprockets because they’re consistently cheap (as long as you order something else to justify their postage or are passing sheffield).

    Run a file over the freehub to take off the burrs where the material’s been pushed up as the sprocket digs in.

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    Halo fat foot is wide across the base and available up to 20 tooth


    Thanks guys. Looks like Gusset might be the way to go, fat base and fits 9sp chains, perfect, maybe a Fatfoot for the biggest. No-one doing 21t? I guess a smaller chainring would have the same effect but big/big seems to have less drag than small/small, guessing something to do with bend radius and how much the chain links move?

    Slug, just the one sprocket on the bike at any given moment but I do change for different courses/events. Bigger for shorter/flatter ones, smaller for longer/hillier. I do 24hrs on a singlespeed so tend to be quite low geared and often have two or three wheels with different sprockets so i can start small and get big as the race progresses and I get tired (you are allowed to change but only have one on the bike at a time, and swapping wheels is quick enough, although a slightly longer process than pressing the button on a trigger shifter.)

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    surly cogs go from 13 to 22t. wiggle have them, as do several other outlets. work with 9 speed chain perfectly. useful guides there too.


    If you’re being a tart with a light hub, splash out on an absoluteBlack sprocket. Similarly wide based, and completely unnecessarily narrow wide. Weighs nothing.

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