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  • Singlespeed "gravel" bikes under £700…?
  • Kryton57
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    Pinnacle Arkrose
    Genesis Day 1

    What else?

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    Saracen hack
    Specialized awol

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    Doh… Apologies totally missed the singlespeed bit 🙁

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    I’ve had a go on a mate’s Day 1 and thought it was alright.

    But, I also thought that singlespeed totally killed the point of a gravel bike – they’re usually pretty fast both off-road and on, but singlespeed was just too much compromise (reasonable road gear was awful off-road, I imagine vice versa applies).

    I suppose it depends on what you had in mind for it, and how flat the terrain is. Probably fine as a b-road hacker.

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    Those Vanilla’s are a thing of beauty. Not sure it’s in budget though.

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    Genesis Day one isn’t a bad shout, as for singlespeed it’s great, just adds to the adventure in my mind, I ride my Niner RLT singlespeed and really enjoy it. Sometimes the walk can be good to just slow down and admire the scenery.

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    Watch that link, one of the links has a virus on it…

    tthew – Member
    This might help.

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    It was actually some fire road bashing on my Day 1 that taught me the value of ‘gravel’ riding (before it was cool, obviously 8) ).

    I guess because fireroads are designed for massive trucks with tonnes of wet lumber on them, the gradients never get steeper than ‘interesting’ on a 42:18 which is what I ended up running. Which happily was also just low enough for some of the horrible little Argyll farm roads I was riding at the time.

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    Crosscheck. Easily fits 40c tyres in, comfy, awesome.

    Here is mine in previous gravel-tourer mode. Otherwise known as CX mode but with fat semi-slicks and bags and stuff. Dinglespeed rear sprocket so had 2 ratios, 42-16 and 38-18. Its now red which is even fasterer.

    Crosscheck by Richard Elsdon, on Flickr

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    Genesis Day one isn’t a bad shout, as for singlespeed it’s great

    This is my favorite so far, particularly the Decade. FWIW it’d be used for general bimbling, & non MTB rides with my son, hence the SS as I already have road bikes & MTB’s.

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