Singlecompressortrackworld. What compressor for tubeless/paint/cartyre?

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  • Singlecompressortrackworld. What compressor for tubeless/paint/cartyre?
  • 5plusn8

    My shed/garage thing has space and power, and I fancy a compressor, mostly for tubeless, the dd motorbike and car tyre and a bit of hobby spraying.

    I was looking at something like this?

    or this which appears to be the same but cheaper?

    Whatcha think?

    Premier Icon angeldust

    Both look like the might be clones of the model you get in screwfix for~£100.  It’s noisy while filling, but works well otherwise.


    Be careful on the noise. A mate brought the stanley branded one from screwfix and it was ear splitting! You literally had to shout at each other to be heard. I can’t imagine what it would be like in a shed !

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    The noise is a common feature of compressors at this sort of money. They are all pretty much the same, just different paint jobs. For anything quieter you’ll need to spend 5 times as much. You could make a sound deadened box to cover it if it bothers you that much.

    For paint spraying you’ll need the 50 litre tank model.


    OH. noise is not good. Hmm.


    So expectation shift… 5 times as much – what do you recommend?


    I recommend you dont spend 5 times as much , this is availlible in quite a few different labels (mines a wolf dakota £279 3 month ago from amazon).

    It’s a pretty decsent machine for hobby type use & noise is not an issue with it. Like I say at least 4 different manufacturers sell this machine. Wolf ,Burisch , Draper & cant remember the 4th : )

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    Useful little chart on decibels and what they sound like (that Burish 90 litre one is 100dB – use of outboard motor, power lawn mower, motorcycle, farm tractor, jackhammer, garbage truck).

    I’ve also been after one for a while, was planning on trying to pick one up locally 2nd hand, especially if the consensus if that, at the lower price point, they’re a much for a muchness?

    Anything to look out for buying one 2nd hand? Or is it best avoided, I don’t know how generally reliable they are?

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    what do you recommend?

    Either you or the compressor go in the shed, the other outside. (buy a long airline)

    I have a cheap compressor but never need it for tubeless and having done the work it was bought for wouldn’t replace it if it broke.

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    I went for one of these for nailguns and blowing/inflating duties.

    Not silent, but it is very quiet. I gave up on the idea of getting something suitable for spraying that would be quiet at a price I could afford – sticking to rattle cans until I can afford some sort of electric or HVLP system.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    If you’re spraying then you either need a really big tank or at least more than a 13A socket (and will definitely want to locate the compressor outside and have understanding neighbours), The smaller compressors don’t deliver enough air to do big projects.  You might get away with smaller stuff like motorcycle tanks/fairings one at a time but not a car.

    Anything intended for continuous commercial use like spraying will be belt driven which reduces the noise considerably, and >>3000W.

    I got mine for £70 from Class Olsen when they were clearing them out, the spec list was much better than the screwfix/machine mart/toolstation/lidl/aldi ones up to about £150. Haven’t tried the included spray gun yet but even by the admission of their own spec sheet it’s going to be borderline (and thus noisy and probably need a lot of sanding and polishing afterwards!). Decent spray guns also seem to cost more than cheap compressors.

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