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  • Silly car options
  • mattvanders
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    Well hopefully not too silly, misses has changed jobs so instead of getting the train into the big smoke she will be doing 10-15 drive each way so we need a car for her. Because of the short drive it can be something a bit more fun than a micro hatch. Happy for a 2 seater though not bothered by convertible. Also thinking of something with a bit of unique appeal (so it might go up in value or stay the same).

    Thinking of a mk2 Audi TT but with the 3.2 vr6 or BMW Z4 (would like a mz4 but prices have gone up a lot) or Honda S2000 or arbath 500 for something newer

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    Mx5 NB or NA….

    GF had a similar situation, albeit a little further at 45 miles (I know, stupid).

    Great little motor, simple enough, great heater and brings a smile to my face when I jump in it.

    You’re probably not if Germany, but if you were it could be yours…..

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    The sensible answer, save the planet and get a Nissan Leaf?

    If you can’t resist burning dino juice, how about something a bit unique and fun…..

    Mid engined

    9000 RPM redline


    The Honda Beat

    Or it’s more recent replacement, the S660.

    Just listen to that engine 😁

    And being a honda the fact it’s an import with a silly engine and spares might be a problem is irrelevant because it won’t break down in the first place.

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    Aye, leccy car, perfect candidate. And they ain’t slow if she does insist on driving like a fanny.

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    Renault Twizy. The Ultimate silly car. We went to Monaco before all the Covid problems and they were very popular. I think we are getting one as a tow behind motorhome car.

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    I would strongly disagree with a Nissan leaf as a ‘fun silly car’.

    MX5 is probably a good shout!

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    I would strongly disagree with a Nissan leaf as a ‘fun silly car’

    Respectfully disagree.

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    What’s your budget?
    2.9 gen 2 boxster or cayman, or if flush a Spyder or GTS respectively.
    Clio Cup
    M135i and map it
    130i 6 speed manual
    Earlier exige or Elise
    Gt86 or brz

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    phev would do those miles purely on electric. i3? i8? porsche 918? no mention of budget 😛


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    That little Honda wounds awesome!!

    Oh and either and MX5 or an MX5……

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    Forget early exiges. The prices have already rocketed (£35k+) and the VHPD engine in it needs looking after. S1 elise’s are on the up but still more resonable.

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    I recently had a Peugeot 208 electric car on loan from the garage whilst my car was in for repair. It was awesome. First electric car I have been in. I was really surprised by how fast and how smooth it was. Loads of giggles. And I like my engines.

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    I looked at S2000’s recently, prices are strong at the moment. They’re still a good looking car despite their age.

    As mentioned above, a Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ? They’re supposed to be great drivers cars.

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    3 litre Z4. Absolute peach of an engine and pretty civilised to live with.

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    The obvious answer is a Delorean, bit crap to drive(and yes I have driven one) but they just look great.

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    I had a z4 coupe 2007 plate for a while, 3L version. Really fun car to drive, huge amount of traction and direct feel, hopeless when greasy or snow (for obvious reasons). Surprisingly good for long distance drives too, often used it for Sheffield to Middlesbrough commute when I had to.

    I’d have one again in a heartbeat to be honest, much more drivable that the z4m edition too which had a really heavy clutch, even smaller boot (if that’s possible), I test drove one and thought it’d be too much of a handful for daily use.

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    I can’t help the thinking this is more for the OP than his missus.

    The obvious answer is a Delorean, bit crap to drive(and yes I have driven one) but they just look great.

    Er, no.

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    3.0 Z4 is definitely worth a look-in. I predict 6cyl BMWs, and esp convertibles, will soon see an uplift in prices as ICE cars slowly get legislated out

    Regards S2000s, back when I was looking at these I’d read that the pre and post facelift were quite different beasts, with the former needing to be worked harder and the handling being a bit more snappy. I drove a post facelift and it was a peach with the most perfect handling I’ve ever experienced in a road-car. I nearly span a pre facelift model within five minutes of getting in the drivers seat. They are holding their values rather well though.

    500 Abarths might have a lot going for them but the driving position really is a no from me.

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    Not sure what your budget is OP but picking up on @rockandrollmark above, the six cylinder engine in the last gen BMW 440i is also wonderful. Ended up going for the 430d but really should have gone with my instincts when changing cars as it was so nice to drive. Mind you the 430d has ridiculous amounts of torque.

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    A lot of nice fun cars have gone silly money at the minute

    I can’t think of any leccy car that could be described as fun to drive unless you have nearly £100k to send and even then..,

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    So as my “sensible” car I’ve had (in order):

    Elise S1 135
    Elise S2 111S
    Z4 Coupe – still got this.

    So in short, the Elise is awesome, but fibreglass is fragile, especially on the early S2’s, the boot space is bigger than it looks, but yes it doesn’t look big, pack in small bags, on a long journey you will be in pain unless you have Probax, the handling is frankly amazing, unless you decide to lift off / bottle it mid corner, then there is a high chance you will be spinning off into the scenery due to LOOS.

    Cracking car, very frantic and you can have fun at relatively sensible speeds, look amazing and very eye catching, as a 3rd car I’d have another.

    S2000 – VTEC rush is fun, but it is gutless below. Comfort is generally pretty good and space is ok, handling is good if you get the geo sorted, but it is heavy for the Rev rev happy engine and economy is shocking for a 2.0. Road tax for a post 2001 is horrific for teh performance.

    Z4 – I have rhe N52 3.0si Coupe. Personally I’m not a fan of the convertible, but the coupe fast back looks awesome. I got mine in 2013 with the intention of keeping it for 2 years. Still got it…

    It drives like … a BMW. Mechanically you’ll need to look at the front bushes, water pump and thermostat, if it’s a convertible rhe roof motor will die unless it has been moved.

    Basically it does everything quite well, fast enough for fun, neutral handling, engine is smooth and torquey, you can get low 40’s on a gentle run. Interior is BMW with sport seats and a base stereo.

    I don’t hammer it about anymore (like when I had my Elise) and I just can’t find anything that looks as good as the Z4C, is as quick, as comfortable, and generally all round … good. Not for the price.

    I am considering a switch to an AMV8 after I move house, but looking at the early ones it will be a load more cash for a car that is 0.5 seconds faster to the shops, <20mpg, mega road tax and with less comfort inside… just better looking..

    Whilst it may seem I am not enthusiastic about the Z4, it really is great and you can hit the track in it or the shops.

    My mate had the 350Z and that was also a lot of fun, big and heavy though..

    Depends on what your budget is? £10-15k or £25-30k are big changes.

    Maybe check out the Boxters, you can get them from £1500+

    A mate bought an early Boxter for £2k and it was great for 2 years and a little TLC.

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    The obvious answer is a Delorean, bit crap to drive(and yes I have driven one) but they just look great.

    And you can arrive before you leave!

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    Alpin – as much as I like miata’s I think the mk1 and 2 will be a bit too old and more of a project car. She has a triumph Herald which fills that gap and is definitely not suitable for every day use (especially at night or winter). My 3 and 4 could be work a look but know they still have rust issues.

    Thisisnotaspoon – I have to laff at your suggestion, buy an electric car to save the plant or import a car from the other side of the world. Either way, an electric car won’t currently work for us for charging with living in a flat with parking spot too far away (once we move, might be a different story). Will be doing long (250+) journeys to see family and again no suitable charging options there. I work in the power industry so get to know what is happening regarding EV car and renewable energy supply. It’s a no from me, hydrides are an option but I still think battery technology and disposal is an issue.
    The new beats in all honesty I quiet like but think it will be too expensive to buy with cost of parts being an issue.

    Nobeerinfridge – see above

    Team slug – see above. Don’t think it will work for winter with its open cockpit. She would rather have a motor bike if she wanted the open feel.

    Tomhoward – can people stop taking pictures of cooling towers when taking picture at power stations, I know they look dramatic but they aren’t the end that gives off any pollution.

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    What does your missus want? This whole threads reads like mid life crisis car by proxy. Does she get a say?

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    continuity – 12-14k, would need to take into account first years ownership a little with road tax being being the issue for the larger engine cars. Gt1856 is a good shout and would just about get into price. Lotus the prices are already too high because they aren’t making anything like that in the future. Boxers worry me with running cost because of getting to the engine being mid mounted.

    Slowoldman – you are on to my plan. In all honesty she’s more than up for something a bit silly as her car purchases have only been the triumph and a jeep rangeler that she used for off roading.

    Wildfire3 – good to here your experience of the 3.0 z4, it’s definitely on the short list. Think I would go for vrx2000 over a lotus as prices haven’t done the same jump yet. Think they would be a bit too raw for everyday use but very good on fuel because they are so light.

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    Nissan 350z/370z?

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    12-15k and a hard top – thats a gen 1 2.6 Cayman. Not much else better for British roads. Don’t get the 3.4 you’ll just be terrified about an engine rebuild and you won’t be able to drive it at 9/10ths half as much. Id rather be at 7000rpm at 50 than 5000rpm at 70. Equally you’re at bargain basement Porsche prices so nobody will care when you 3rd party service it and dodge the £1000 minor fee.

    The only other thing id consider would be a z4 3.0, which would be heavier, less special feeling but probably a bit more reliable and spacious.

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    I did consider a VX a while back, good cars as long as you change the front geo and do go for the turbo if you can.

    They aren’t quite the Elise in different clothes, so do try it first compared to the Elise. For me I would rather a NA Elise than an NA VX.

    I’m not sure how well they have aged too.

    Fuel wise I get about 30 average in the Z4, maybe 35ish in the Elise.

    If you are not going for the Z4C then be aware that the 3.0 and 3.0si are different engines, each with their own issues. I have driven the earlier 3.0 and do prefer the N52 si engine.

    Between an earlier Cayman and the Z4C I would have the Z4C. Th Z4 is about 30kg heavier, but faster 0-60 and across most of the range, more space and IMHO just as good looking. But as above the 3.4 is the quick one, but may decide to self destruct.

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    A Vivaro. Drives like a car and soon you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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    Z4 prices are already on the way up – my 2005 3.0i is worth about £1k more now than when i bought it eighteen months ago.

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    A lot of the choice for me would come down to if you’re commuting in traffic or on decent quiet roads. For the first one a comfortable Jap/Euro cheap appliance car is the best option (along with a seven style car for fun) and for the second something fun makes sense but it limits the extremeness as it gets tiring having to be at full concentration everyday. There’s a lot to be said on a winters morning for efficient heating, heated seats and something that just works.

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    We’ve just done the same thing. Wife only needs a car to commute a couple of times a week as uses my car most the time now I don’t travel as often.

    Decided to go with a Boxster. 2005, 2.7 base. Both love it. Quick enough, drives really well and plenty of space for long weekends away. Servicing is every 2 years and just had first one carried out at Unique in Bolton.

    Luckily confirmed I’ve got a good one and only a couple of issues found that they charged an hours labour to sort. Can recommend one.

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    Had a VX220 2.2 then a ‘tooned’ turbo.

    2.2 was pretty dull, nowhere near as fun as a basic S1 Elise. Turbo was very quick but there was nowhere you could really drive it near it’s full potential without going on track.

    Sold the latter to pay for my wedding and honeymoon.

    Still regret not getting an S2 Exige 240 S, that wouldn’t have got sold…

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    Thisisnotaspoon – I have to laff at your suggestion, buy an electric car to save the plant or import a car from the other side of the world.

    Where do You think other Japanese sports cars come from?

    MX5s are made in Hiroshima,
    Z350 from Kaminokawa
    Etc etc

    More locally-ish:
    Boxter/Cayman comes from Finland
    Z4 comes from Austria.

    You didn’t stipulate the car had to be made in Britain.

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    If petrol/Kei style interests you there is nothing better value than a Smart Roadster IMHO.

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    If petrol/Kei style interests you there is nothing better value than a Smart Roadster IMHO.

    As long as it doesn’t rain much and not sure if you are in the same Britain as me but it rains quite a bit in my one 🙂
    I had one and really enjoyed it but many people hate the gearbox and the service intervals are a pain.

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    My wife picked up her Z4 M40i this week. It’s a stonking car and definitely worth your consideration. Early days to talk about living with it, but with the push of a button it’s like having two cars. Nice cruiser in Comfort, angry beast in Sport+. The noise is wonderful. Beautifully put together interior and feels comfortable enough to be a GT car.

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    As mentioned above, i would have the gr yaris.
    Proper rocket ship and not big. Plus if it doesn’t get crashed will probably be valuable soon as i reckon most will get damaged

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    I’d love a Honda S660 if it was a Kei car!

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