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  • Showers at work – how bad are yours?
  • joolsburger

    Didn’t think you did!! Was just saying after 20 years of not having them it’s now a key thing for me wouldn’t want to have to do without again.


    My problem is that the work showers are really lovely with polished tiles everywhere. They put my home bathroom to shame.

    I am the only person who uses them so I have to be careful how I take my socks off so that I don’t get fluff everywhere and generally leave everything spotless.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Got a car park at work?

    Then Here you go:


    Shower Room

    Job Done!


    You get attended to? Loving the sound of that.

    yep, she dishes out towels and locker keys and mops up the mess that people leave in the cubicles… mostly water.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Mine are ace. Lovely and warm, very few users .. it’s my own personal fiefdom .. or at least it was before road bikes became the new golf.


    Jamie – Member


    Can I book a weekend break at your place of work, please?

    I assume the breakfast is as good as the shower facilities.

    You can use the gym too 😮

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Ours, being pretty new, are quite good actually. One of those massive tropical shower heads too. Shame theres only 2, which can lead to a rather sweaty queue of a summer morn…


    We don’t have showers so on more than one occasion I have had to stand naked in the toilets to wash myself down hoping nobody else comes in. Its a 20 mile ride and I’m a sweaty git so I don’t have much choice other than to not ride in.

    I have been lobbying that when we move sometime in the next year we have a shower put in.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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