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  • Show me your "I only have 1 bike" bikes.
  • TiRed

    One bike. Well I have one mtb. But do you all have one pair of shoes too?


    my one and only bike is now a short travel 29er, does all I need…

    Hopefully my stumpjumper will be morphing into that yeti sb66 with pikes soon

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    Only ever had one bike – trek 6500 HT. Done XTT tris, off road duathlons, adventure races, XC, surrey hills, lakes, trail centres etc. Only modifications are tyres. Nobbys most of the time, Ralph’s in the summer or races. Ignorance of anything else/better is bliss and easier on the wallet.

    Loved riding it in the lakes with a guy on an orange 5. Kept asking me how I was able to ride stuff on such a basic bike!!!!!


    My only bike, reverbs currently goosed unfortunately.


    Heres my one and only.

    Does everything from Commuting to Downhill.

    Pretty good weight at 31 lbs too.

    Set of pikes should lose 500g when they arrive so should be sub 30lbs.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Currently my one bike:

    Soon to lose eligibility for this thread and be a two bike owner after all the advice in my thread about the Giant Trance. Yes, in best forum style I’m ignoring everything and getting an Anthem as it suits what I’ll actually do and not my fantasies.


    In a perfect world my hardtail would be my only bike.
    I would happily commute on it, but due to thieving gits I am not happy about leaving it locked up while I go off .
    So making my commuter hack necessary.
    And on any thing more technical than my local woods start to give my back aggravation due to an old injury, necessitating my FS.

    I could cut the three down to two by using my FS for local woods as well as bike parks.
    But again, I live in an area not uncommonly frequented by individuals of a light fingered nature.
    So would not want to ride it out of my front door to and then around local woods and back through fear of planting the seed in there head or heads to try and liberate my bike either by force or through stealth In order to facilitate the acquisition of skunk, meow meow or what ever else the kids are taking these days.


    Here is mine the Mudgaurds come off in the summer some times has lights or different tyres


    Here’s my only bike..
    I do have a second set of I’m to lazy to keep changing tyres.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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