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  • luddite

    Do you swap wheels n tyres, fit/remove guards?

    Premier Icon nickc

    Do you swap wheels n tyres?

    No, not really. certainly not wheels. Winter tyres are a bit mleh really

    fit/remove guards?

    mud guards? yeah, occasionly use them, but mostly can’t be arsed.


    This was my only bike for a very long time. Then I got serious about fitness and got a road bike, then got a full sus for a summer in Canada and it’s never been the same ever since. I didn’t switch out tyres etc either. Exactly the same setup for everything. I wish I could go back to the blissful ignorance!


    Oh if you insist! My one and only bike and it goes everywhere even if I’m over biked at times! Never road ride so don’t need to swap wheels but could do with some mud tyre so I can switch and swap depending on whether it’s wyre forest or anywhere else. The mud guard will be snipped off come summer.


    Here’s mine. I will use mudguards as and when I want to, they’re removed or fitted in a minute. I don’t change tyres. Hans Dampf up front, Nobby nick on the rear with tubes at around 35psi, maybe 30 on the front. I find that works on anything, but I don’t expect or chase F1 levels of grip. No issues with punctures so far. Basically I just try to ride it as much as possible. Mostly natural trails but also trail centres. It works on anything, a great bike. Brill fun. Keep wanting to build up a hardtail, but not sure I’d ever use it.

    IMG_0384 by wobbliscott, on Flickr


    For years I only had one – a Titus HCR titanium hardtail. Got expanded with a road bike, then a training mountain bike, then a full sus bike, then….

    Still got the Titus built up, just with some more modern parts now! This is the BITD build with original X0, Ringle Mobypost, Ibis ti stem, Tune cranks and ti BB, Fizik Aliante saddle, X517 ceramic rims, CK hubs, Avid Arch supremes, FRM brake levers, SID World Cup, Egg Beater ti pedals…

    The King headset is still in the frame!

    b r

    Yes (456Ti), and use to also swap forks (Reba 120 and Fox 36) too.


    Heres mine I use it for everything:) I dont change anything on it except for adding lights:p


    I have no pictures, but I have an Ibis Mojo HD with a ccdb air shock & marzocchi 55rc3 170mm coil fork, hans dampf tyres.

    My only bike, dont find it an issue having only 1 bike for the riding I do, which consists of welsh/scottish trail centres, peaks/macc forest natural stuff, UK uplift, spanish lift assisted singletrack, Alps chairlift assisted stuff.

    And nothing gets changed out , its ridden in the same form all year round.


    I wanted to see bikes like tons LHT that get toured, commuted and off roaded.


    When I can afford I will have a road bike too 🙂


    This is the only one I have, it commutes, bikepacks and goes out to play too, it was lugging my fat, post Xmas, carcass about today:


    Now with reverb

    Premier Icon mattbee

    I want that Corratec. That is all I have to add.


    My one and only

    Premier Icon wiggles

    mattbee – Member
    I want that Corratec. That is all I have to add.


    Just looks right


    Goes everywhere, does everything, wheels stay put, guards stay put … 🙂

    When I need to get “mucky” … 🙂

    Rogan Josh

    You can’t show two bikes on a ‘show me your 1 and only bike’

    Is the top one your one and only aswell as the bottom one?

    Premier Icon rickon

    Had this as my only MTB for over a year now, just fitted me Pikes and RCT3 rear shock. The Pikes are blooming awesome, stiff, track amazingly well and have great mid stroke support.

    The 5spot is just a brilliant one bike to do it all bike, its not light, but given the right legs and lungs its very quick. it just begs to be run ragged, just had a razz around Glentress and I just don’t want to stop riding it.

    Will be replaced with a Sultan when the time comes I think, as the Burner has too long a Ett for me.




    Blur TRc

    Now has a narrow wide ring and some Specialised butcher/purg tyres 🙂


    Gotta keep this Santa Cruz ball rolling… they really are the swiss army knife of bikes.

    Here is my “one bike for all” Blur LTc. Just missing its reverb in this pic.


    That Corratec looks sooooo right it hurts!

    Premier Icon ton

    my one and only.


    2010 Santa Cruz Heckler with 2012 Revs. Not the lightest bike out there but is bomb proof and awesome fun to ride.

    @ Rickon: recognise the forks? Very happy!



    Had it almost a year. It does my 5 mile road commute in about the same time as a slick-shod hardtail with clippy pedals. All I do is pump the tyres up to 60psi.
    Apart from a shorter stem it’s still the same. I’d love a reverb but apart from that it’s bang on…not bad for a C2W bike 🙂

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Is this one mountain bike or one bike?

    How about my only mid travel 650b?


    My Commencal Meta AM.

    Technically I also have a hardtail, but it’s in bits as I don’t have any dirt jumps nearby, and I’m potentially selling it soon.

    I also have my mini-bike, for stuntage, ala;

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Mud Guards?? WTF?? On a mountain bike…

    Did a one bike for all and it was a pain, tough wheels, light wheels big tyres fast tyres, too heavy for XC, too light for DH.

    My Blur LTc is a little too heavy for XC now but hits trail to AM. There will be a DH bike for the big stuff and maybe an XC bike for the light stuff.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Soon to have steel rigids back on.

    IMAG0934 by pten2106, on Flickr


    [/URL]]nullNot changed a thing apart from worn out tyre’s,still love riding it.

    Premier Icon althepal

    Off/on road its the same. Might pump up the tyres or put a rear guard on if the rains biblical but apart from that, thats the only changes..


    Mudguards? No chance just an RP23 for when the going gets flat or smooth


    Hopefully I shall adding a second to the collection very soon.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Here’s mine and my daughters only bikes. She’s only 20 months so shouldn’t need more than 1 bike. Mine has a Pushed CTD on the way…mudguards stay on for the winter but can’t come off soon enough..

    Premier Icon stewartc

    My only bike but it does OK, in all fairness its more capable than me.

    Sign of the times (?) but I’m surprised at how many peoples’ only bike is a full sus.

    Anyway, here’s my ‘1 and only’. It commutes, has a wee ride for my son and is perfect for singletrack blasting.

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