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  • Should I PUSH my Float RL?
  • psychle

    PUSH ftw mate… if you’re getting the shock serviced anyhow, you may as well spend the little extra and go the hole hog. Tell them your vital statistics and how you like your ride to feel and they’ll set it up just for you, {Austin Powers mode} custom tuning baby, yeah! 😀

    Seriously, it made a substantial difference to my Yeti ASR, sure you lose the lockout, but as they set the pedal platform up so well (and specific to your weight and bike) you just don’t need it!

    Hmmm, what ‘feel’ i like might be quite difficult, this is my first full sus bike so don’t have anything to compare with…


    If you’re using a facility that will be removed then perhaps it’s not a good idea – no?

    That’s the dilemma. If the hype is true then the improvement is so great i won’t need it anymore, but if it isn’t then i have just knackered my shock…
    If I understand it correctly then it effectively adds Pro-pedal and mates who have this never seem to be faffing about with lockouts on any of the rides we do, unlike me.

    Hi All
    It’s about time to get my shock serviced and was thinking about spending the small amount of extra cash and getting it PUSH’ed as well, is it a good idea?
    The bike is an old shape Santa Cruz Superlight. At the moment I use the lockout quite a bit for steep climbs, but getting it PUSH’ed will remove this ability, will the upgrade make this redundant? If not I’m worried I might regret losing it…

    Anyone else done this to a Float RL? (shameless bump)


    I have a 3 month old RP23HV and when it needs service …..PPUSHED !!!!

    Its fine as it is , no problems , very happy with it , but as always i want better. so i will plan it around a small holiday or something like that so im not whining about having no bike 🙂

    When I change my FS, I won’t hesitate to get my rear shock Pushed. The difference from stock was night and day, even on something as ‘sorted’ as a 5spot.


    What is all this PUSHED business???

    I take it’s some kind of fine custom tuning… but what does it do? I’ve recently got a Orange 5 (Float R front, Float RP23 rear). Is it just for forx, or rear shox too? First full-sus and I’ve been really happy with it, but could it be better??

    They remove the factory internal piston, shims and seals and replace them with their own. It has a built in ‘platform’, improved damping characteristics over stock and gets tweaked for your weight and ride style too.

    The platform is very good. There’s none of this ‘on/off’ sensation like you get from some. Its a virtually seamless transition, and small bump sensitivity remains good despite this.


    There’s sod all difference, its just a marketing ploy

    I disagree, but each to their own.

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