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  • Shorter Grips – can you get them anywhere?
  • Hi,

    I am trying to find some lock on grips that are not the full 130mm which most grips seem to be. Also would prefer not to have foam grips.

    If anyone knew of a brand that made them could you let me know please? I have looked everywhere online and can’t see any.

    Thank you.

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    How short is short? You can get smaller grips that are designed for use with grip-shift gears.. ODI do them for example…

    Probably around 110 ish. Can you use these with ordinary gearing too?


    just get some one ended lock ons and cut the non lockon end to suit ?

    Thanks, I’ll try that. Do wonder why different sizes aren’t made though – I am sure not everyone wants huge great long grips!

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    You say not foam grips, but don’t rule out esi which you could easily cut to length

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    I’ve tried to find some like this, for a Brompton, and the only ones I’ve found are Brooks ones at £50+. Needless to say, I took the cutting shorter option 🙂


    I’ve got some nice specialized grips with only one locking collar on them. I dare say it would be very easy to trim 20mm of the other end.


    DMR do some flanged grips which are one-ended locking. I bought some and cut the flange off along with a length of grip.

    I said ‘flange’ and ‘length’ in the same post. Fnaaar.

    Thks for info.

    Had a look at those ESI grips, they look pretty interesting :idea:. Only the thin ones left in the colour I want but I think I’ll give them a try first.


    esi are great 3 different girths now too! mine haven’t moved in all sorts of crap weather.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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