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  • theflatboy

    i think the clip is just an extra security measure, the split pins can be used instead of the bolt, but the bolt’s better if you still have it.

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    Split pin does indeed replace the bolt, but are a bit more basic.

    Split pins as used on LX? They are a very good solution. (Simple engineering is often the best solution). They have to be only “set” about 1-2mm, enough to prevent them falling out, and thereafter will spring into line when you remove them, and are very easy to re insert.

    Re-use the same pin forever.


    Shimano part number Y-8CL 98070 (Pad Axle & Snap Ring) for the pin and the “R” clip. I don’t like the split-pins!

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    The SO has XT calipers on her bike – they are about 4 years old so I think they have changed. The pads have the hole for the pin at one end, not the middle.

    The pin is an allen bolt that you screw in, secured by a mini R clip – or was, until the R clip was lost

    All new pads I have seen come with a split pin – is this what I am meant to use as a replacement for the screw in pin? Or where would I find a mini R clip


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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