Shimano support at Mountain Mayhem, fantastic!!!

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  • Shimano support at Mountain Mayhem, fantastic!!!
  • begsski

    i also have to echo this, i have xt wheels and hubs, the rear hub completely seized and shimano tried to fix it for me but couldn’t. They gave me a free wheel so that i could finish the event!!!!
    Fantatsic service, just a shame the effing thing siezed on me in the first wooded section of the course…..i then had to carry my bike round the rest of the whole lap!


    should have bought hope or king would never have happened in first place 😉 no that is good service from a good company

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    Good service from Hope and Magura too!


    i wish i had!

    sram also fixed my brakes!!


    I heard due to the crunch that they didn’t bring all the spares they used to, instead they were just fixing with parts you bought from the stalls, after their stuffs gone up in price by about 50%, tight wads

    Hi Guys

    On behalf of myself and the rst of Team Steaming Ahead.

    Just come back from Mountain Mayhem, I have to tell you all about the fantastic support that Shimano gave me.
    My bearings came loose and the kind guys at Shimano said they would look at it, once apart the free hub simply fell off the hub. They bent over backwards found a spare and fitted on my bike. They did this totally free, a big thank you to all at Shimano and especially Peter.
    Their service was prompt proffesional, thanks to the ‘Big S’

    Colin Atkinson


    Have to give a bit of kudos to SRAM too.

    I turned up just after 2am with a shifter that had broken (it has covered 7,000 miles, so not complaining that it has broken in the first place).

    The guys offered to put a new shifter on for me, totally free of charge. But as I was due out again shortly afterwards, we agreed they should instead rip the new one apart and swap over everything except the section clamped to the bars – saving time in removing bar-ends/grips/brake levers.

    After putting my mind to rest and allowing me to squeeze in 30mins kip, I collected my bike, as agreed, on my way to transition, with everything set back up exactly as it should be. I left a donation for their named charity, and they offered a most sincere thanks for that too.

    Top marks.

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    Took a couple of my fishing reels in for a service,they did not have a clue! pah


    Big up to the SRAM crew from our team too – sorted the annoying clunking on my revelations for a donation and swapped another guys cassette over under warranty with a free upgrade to a pg990.

    Some minus points for the physical and emotional damage caused by my over-the-bars incident on their mini-bike challenge though. Apparently it was the most impressive crash they’d seen off the first section 🙂

    Did anyone actually complete that thing?

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