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  • Shimano discs – difference between Shimano Deore XT SM-RT76 and RT86?
  • Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire
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    RT-76 = floating rotor
    Rt-86 = Ice-tech floating rotor. 3 layers with steel sandwiching aluminium. Supposed to handle heat a lot better. If you’re a brake dragger they might be worth it, otherwise just get the 76’s

    Premier Icon mashr
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    In theory the Ice-tech one will dissipate heat slightly better, and make your wallet slightly lighter

    Premier Icon branes
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    “Shimano’s XT RT76 6-Bolt Disc Rotor provides … Precision cut from stainless steel …”

    “Shimano’s XT/Saint RT86 Ice-Tech 6-Bolt Disc Rotor  … Featuring a three-layer sandwich construction of stainless steel and alloy 3-layer to rapidly radiate the heat …”

    that’s your difference.

    Premier Icon Rich_s
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    Surely the best answer is simply “10”.

    Premier Icon nedrapier
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    Not as correct as “RT10”, though, unless RT = 1

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