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  • pantsonfire

    My gear changes have got a bit noisy recently so I decided it was time to treat the bike to a new drive train. Go on well known site and click on new Truvativ rings and XT cassette, chain and jockey wheels. Go to checkout look at price WTF I want to buy some shiny bits for my bike not a complete new bike.

    Anyone got a link for a place selling reasonable price kit if there is such a thing at the moment. Looks like I will be nursing my part worn kit for a bit longer.

    merlin are prob best, them and woolybikeshop on ebay… but sram x9 gear/lever combos and xt chainsets have pretty much doubled in the last 18mnths.

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    Everything has gone silly price wise, can’t afford to run XT drive train anymore 🙁

    Actionsports are your friends! OK they charge a mint for delivery, but if you’re buying a lot then you’ll nullify that cost very quickly.

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    allterrainbikes also have November’s prices.


    You can have my X9 rear for a tenner, taken off my demo used for about 5 hours..


    Cheers for the offer sq225917 but then I would need a SRAM shifter to go with it. Theres actually nothing wrong with the XT mech its just that the top jockey wheel is absolutely goosed and everything else is well worn.

    I have managed to get some cheap barely used XT jockey wheels off a mate and bought everything else off e-bay just gone for Deore stuff I imagine it will be a bit heavier but it has worked out about a third what I would have paid for XT.

    I’ll have the x9 rear mech if its still available for £10

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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