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  • Shed Inspiration
  • ben

    We have just moved into to our new house and I now a proud owner of a 4m x 2m x 2m shed.

    It’s currently full to the brim of outdoor equipment, gardening stuff, skis, bikes, etc and it’s clearly going to have to have some clever storage solutions to fit all of our stuff (3 adult bikes, 2 kid’s bikes and an eBike for a start).

    It’s ply lined, so perfect for mounting hooks for bikes and vertical storage must be more efficient for bikes, heavy eBike excepted.

    Any other cunning plans other than well thought out shelves and big plastic boxes?

    Obviously a workbench and a tool board are on the horizon.

    Security is a concern. It’s got a concrete base so ground anchor not easily doable, thinking a shed alarm for some help and I guess a big heavy bucket of chain + concrete for ground anchor – seen a tip to use tyre instead of bucket which sounds clever.

    Premier Icon duncancallum

    Ground anchor in concrete is the easiest.

    Drill and bolt it

    Get something else to store bikes in, one of those metal asgaard or whatever, means when you go to fettle you actually have space for a stand etc.

    I’ve finally got my set up sorted, took me 7 years though! Converted brick bomb shelter split in 2, one half for bikes, one for gardening stuff.

    12×8 shed for fettling, work bench etc in there too.

    Log cabin for chilling.


    I have our ‘garage’ lined and split in 3

    rear – gardening stuff 1×3
    middle – Man Cave – 2×3
    front – bikes and fettling 3×3

    putting in walls and doors prevents ‘junk creep’
    Lining walls and painting white encourages us to treat the place as another room rather than a dumping space and is overall much brighter/warmer


    Drill and bolt it

    I’d personally drill and resin it.

    As for bikes and storageI used IKEA shelves and on one jobsqorth hangers.


    Premier Icon oikeith

    I’m slowly finishing my garage conversion, I have 3 bikes and I have end up hanging 2 from the ceiling by the bars and saddle with hooks and the last one sits on the floor held up by a crank axle stand. I found hanging the bikes by the front wheels would have taken up more space than what I have done as the base of wheel to bar height is greater than the width of the bars on my bikes. Something to consider when planning what to do with your bikes.


    Thanks for the suggestions, and a good point on the ground anchor. I guess I can absolutely drill into the concrete base.

    I’m reluctant to store bikes out of the shed due to security concerns, but will take a look.

    Cheers all

    Premier Icon timbog160

    Agree re the ground anchor – it should be easy enough to drill


    Some progress made yesterday with some bikes on the wall. Shelves are temporary, but at least I can see the floor now 🙂


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