Semi rigid, movable ducting?

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  • Semi rigid, movable ducting?
  • Wondering if anyone has some suggestions.
    I am building a small brewery and distillery in an old washhouse (I should really start a thread).

    I have an extractor fan in one corner (where the main kettle is) as lots of condensation is produced. The fan is installed at the roof height and is vented to the outside. It uses 100mm ducting. However, I am a bit stuck with ideas for the ducting into the room.

    I would like some kind of semi rigid ducting that I can move by hand – to raise/lower it on to the kettle and hopefully just to the side of the kettle where I am setting up my grain mill – again, very dusty and would like to extract…..

    I was planning on using an old  garden waste burning bin lid as a funnel as it fits both the ducting and the kettle quite neatly. And it is already there and free as I am doing this on the cheap!


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    100mm Flexible hoses -like an industrial strength shower fan hose- we use them  to clear out inert gas in confined spaces.

    You are Walter White and I claim my five pounds.

    “Brewery” indeed 😉


    Sounds like what you need is like a welding extraction duct. Perhaps you could find one surplus somewhere?

    Alternatively, I’m imagining an old anglepoise lamp re-purposed in combination with a length of flexible hose……


    A dusty grain mill?

    I hope that all your electrics are spark-proof and you have explosion-relief roof or wall panels?

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    tumble drier flexible ducting – depending on how you set things up you could either used the PVC stuff thats like a big slinky and very flexible and need some sort of support for your bin-lid/funnel  or the semi-rigid aluminium ducts which hold their own shape a bit more readily.

    what kind of extractor are you using – a bit of air movement to deal with condensation is one thing but extracting dust requires something with a bit more oomph

    If you’re alternately extracting moisture and dust through the same system then somewhere along the line you’re going to making ‘sludge’

    Hmm, the welding extraction arm things look good. I could maybe just use normal flexi hose and just have a hook to hang it on out the way when not being used. Probably simpler!

    The sludge issue…. That makes a lot of sense
    I think maybe I won’t use it for dust extraction from the mill. Just for reference, when I say a “small” brewery, it’s a wee home brewery in a small outbuilding – nothing industrial! Producing 20 litres at a time. The mill is handcranked. I’m going to fit the body through a kitchen worktop and the grist will fall into an enclosed kitchen unit underneath with a bucket to catch it. So the dust should stay in there anyway. Maybe 5 or 6 kg at a time….

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    These might help with hanging – adjustable length so you can change the height when needed and just hang the hose from them (assumign they’ll cobe with the weight).


    Lindab are who you need

    Plymovent was the brand of extractor hood things I have seen used in workshops. Not cheap I imagine…

    You could possibly do a DIY version if you are handy. You might find someone who’ll make you one in exchange for booze?

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    If there’s an explosion risk then the ducting needs to be able to catch and divert any bang safely. That welding extractor ^ may not be up to the job. Metal flexi-ducting is available but it tends to be a bit spendy.

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