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  • Sat Nav for the Wife
  • StuF
    Full Member

    After several frantic calls of ‘I’m here and how do I get to….’ I’ve finally decided to give in an get a sat nav for the misses.

    Is a TomTom the way to go or is there anything better?

    sat nav: 100-150
    non lost Wife – priceless

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    We have a TomTom and my wife can work it. That means anyone’s wife can.

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    fair swop – but shouldn’t this be in the classifieds

    PS if she is as old as this joke then no deal 🙂

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    I got my wife a Tom Tom 450. I have also used works Tom Tom One. I think that the 540 has better spoken instructions for example it says take the 3rd exit onto the M25 rather than just saying take the third exit. It also gives better feedback on which lane to be in.

    Other Tom Toms may now have better instructions. Don’t get a Garmin

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    Thanks for the offer anitgee but I think I’ll keep her.

    One referbed TomTom 520 on the way.

    Cheers All

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    can you get them to tell the bint she needs too speed up and full the **** over so she’s not sat in the middle lane?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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