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    Depends on the version (LT/LT2/2.2) I’m about the same and going medium but could fit on a large. There are a few around to sling a leg over I reckon.

    There have been a few angle tweaks over the years with the most recent now sporting a 142mm back end, tapered head tube and ICSG. Not sure what the older ones had. Check/budget for a set of bearings.


    Seen a silly cheap frame (second hand but looks good nick). It’s a medium, I’m 5’9″ and always seem to be on the boundary between small and medium. From what I’ve read about the frame it’s pretty compact, so maybe I’ll be ok. Any thoughts?



    Medium should be right I reckon. I’m on a large (6ft) w/65mm stem which is perfect for me.


    Bare in mind Santa Cruz always come up a bit smaller than the average frame for there given sizing due to taking there measurements from a different place mention spesh regards top tube as they measure outside to outside (head tube/seat tube) not the usual middle to middle this means they come up about half an inch shorter if this makes any sense.
    Up shot is I recon you’ll be fine with the medium


    I’d say a medium for sure my large is really short. I’m 6 ft and could have gone xl


    6ft here and had a medium but would have been better off on a large
    Older LT2s are 1 1/8 headtube and QR rear end although that Didnt bother me , nice do it all frame really, as above check pivots /bearings for wear

    Firstly check hat it’s a BLT2 not the original which had the early version of VPP. Not only inferior to the new version, but also went through bearings pretty quickly

    I am 5′ 8′ but with a long torso and short legs and ride a medium LT2 with a 90mm stem. Definitely would not want to go any smaller so if you are 5′ 9′ you would be on the cusp of medium/large


    6ft2 on a large here. Feels really good.


    Thanks for that, a few questions and then it might be a new frame for me… 🙂

    I’ve got an 08 LT2 (1+1/8th headtube) in a small and a 50mm stem. I’m 5’8″ and yes its compact but I find it suits me chucking the thing about.


    Yep I agree, a medium will be perfect with a 60-70mm stem.
    I’m 5’11 on a large with a 50mm stem, it’s perfect for me.

    I’m about the same height as you and am thoroughly happy on my medium Blur LT – I’d say go for it!

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