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  • Saddleback Leather Co bag replacement / aternatives
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    If you’re one of our regular “how much for a …!!!” people you might want to look away now.

    I’ve lost my beloved Saddleback bag. I’d had it for about 15 years, and somehow between here and Australia it has gone missing.
    As they are insanely expensive – more so now even than when I bought it – my first thought was “oh well, there you go”, but I then thought I’d look for something similar but maybe not so pricey.
    So far I’ve found three possibles:


    Double Space Briefcase

    The last seems closest to a Saddleback, and is expensive – though waaaay cheaper. The Vagarant Traveller seems worryingly cheap. The Rustic is bigger even than a Saddleback, but has a reasonable price.

    So, does anyone have any experience with any of these companies? Are the bags similar quality to Saddleback? Or has anyone found other alternatives? A UK company would be ideal as I wouldn’t have to pay import duty. Let me have your ideas.

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    Having had a quick look at all three online, plus the Saddleback bag, the Saddleback looks way better made, and it’s the only one I’m lusting after…
    How come you lost yours?

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    Now I’m a tight arse, but you will be stuck with a bag which isn’t the one you want for the rest of your life.
    And now I’ve seen they do satchels, which I don’t need at all, for 90 dollars, but I’ll probably buy one and invent a use for it.
    So thanks for that.

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    I understand your point @jkomo, which was why I asked. There’s no reason why the other bags couldn’t be as good, but I would like to hear from someone who has actually had one.
    The Marlondo in particular seems to use similar, and in some cases better, techniques. For example they use brass rather than stainless steel, and they veg tan their leather which has some advantages over chrome tanning like Saddleback.
    I still have a satchel, by the way, and can recommend it even at Saddleback prices. I have had it for 12 years and I still use it all the time (I assume you mean the rounded or Indiana satchel. The ‘EDC’ satchel is really small and cannot carry much at all. Looks nice though).


    When I moved back to the UK from Australia I only had standard luggage. Saddleback bags are really heavy, so I left it to be sent on. A couple of years later my stuff has finally got here, and as always a few bits are missing. Most of it was junk, but I’ve lost a few things I’d have liked to have mostly for sentimental reasons. It could have gone missing from a storage place, the family member who was holding it for me, a transport company, storage place at this end … who knows? Everyone denies any knowledge.

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    Haven’t you got any insurance that might replace it? You’ll have to stump up for the excess, but at the prices you’re suggesting, will still save you some cash.

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    I could talk at length about this, but in a word: ‘no’.

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    Now I’m a tight arse, but you will be stuck with a bag which isn’t the one you want for the rest of your life.


    I think sometimes you have to pay for nice things in life.

    I want one now 🙂

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    I want one now 🙂

    Me too!

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    Prices aren’t that crazy?

    I’d look for something not leather but I see the attraction.

    A chance to make use of distance selling regs and ‘30-day returns’ or similar?

    I’ve had similar ‘I’d like that really pricy one, but are those good enough’. In some cases ‘they’ have been ideal. In others it’s the original only. Only way to know is to try.

    I wanted a canvas bag a while back: Trakke, Troop, Millikan, Frost River. Ended up with a Manhattan portage nylon one. Seems to work well for camera, headphones, MacBook, etc.

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    Oops, I seem to have inadvertently made loads of people desire really expensive bags. Sorry.

    The Saddleback guy is a great self-publicist. There are plenty of people who claim that his bags are no better than anyone elses, but he charges a huge premium. Thats why I was hoping someone here had tried one of the competitors.

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that Saddleback no longer sell the particular bag I’m after in the size I want, so I think I might try the Marlondo version. According to the internet (and what higher source can there be?) they are made from similar leather to a similar standard but in China rather than Mexico.

    … unless anyone can suggest someone in the Uk who can make something similar.

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    Barnes and Moore in Birmingham make bags, not quite what you’re after but they may make a one off. Wallets are good.

    Edit, I have a 24 hour tin canvas bag from Filson, again, not quite what you’re after but after 5 years of daily use, you wouldn’t tell it’s ever been used.

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