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  • Sab sidney womens bottom bracket type
  • wicki

    Got this frame for the missus from PX …. 😥

    having trouble getting a bottom bracket sorted PX don’t seam to sure what the BB is and sent an email saying “If it is an Italian thread” so i got an Italian thread BB but no it wont fit. has any one built one of these and have a clue what the correct bb is because i don’t thin PX have a clue.


    Assuming it is a threaded bb, what width is the shell?


    The specs for the frame on the website state it’s a 68mm BSA:

    Frame Details Frame Material 7005 Alloy
    Approx. Frame Weight (g) 2130
    Seatpost Size (mm) 27,2
    Seat Clamp Size (mm) 31.8
    Front Mech Clamp Size (mm) 31.6
    Bottle Cage Bosses 2 set
    BB 68mm BSA
    Headset type 44mm ID


    Yes and i have tried a 68 mm BSA the left cup fits fine the right does not and the thread appears to be opposite the frame is of Italian origin..planet x said and I quote

    “Hi Alec

    If this is an italian BB depending on the chain set that you are using “

    note the use of “If”.


    Problem solved !

    Premier Icon chipster

    You remembered the right cup has a left hand thread?


    No i returned to the shop that sold me the Italian thread BB I had taken the frame to him originally to get the specs correct and he said i needed the italian spec, this time different mechanic saw the threads needed chasing viola! now have a standard BB.

    Hi there.

    Just wondering how you got on building this frame up. Thinking of buying one for my good lady and building it up with bits i’ve got lying around from various MTB projects.

    Was it much trouble finding a headset?

    Also wondered about the sizing. I built my other half an XS On-One Inbred 26er but the reach was too much for her, she prefers a more upright riding position. She’s 5′ 2″.

    Your input on this would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks


    Sorry cant help as i have not finished it, found a free old rigid mtb that the wife likes so its on the back burner.

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