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  • conkerman

    Aye, GM been trying to shift it for ages.

    Who wants to spend the thick end of £30K for a vectra..


    and some nasty stick on “chrome”

    SAAB’s a terrific brand that has been ruined by GM and their dreadful tackiness – it would be great to see the Swedes in charge again, but frankly, even with the extension of three months there’ no way back for SAAB this time. As a lifelong SAAB fan I’m not pleased….


    Exactly – what did GM actually add to Saab, apart from a ridiculous idea of platform sharing with Subaru and Vauxhall?!


    Don’t forget the ‘heady days’ of platform sharing the Renault 25 with the SAAB 9000!!!

    Tatty bye GM! Tatty Bye!


    The SAAB 9000 was the same as the lancia/alfa/Fiat at the same time, can’t really be any worse than sharing with the R25.

    I quite like my SAAB 93… yeah its a vectra but its nicer inside!
    It does however, have the most irritating seats that wont fit seat covers!!!
    Great on the S/H market… cost pennies! I got mine in top spec with everything but sat nav and heated seats for 16K with only 8k miles.


    I loved the old “shoe” Saabs 🙁


    I ams till thinking of getting a 91 saab turbo in coupe in black….mmmmm

    Now they were cars.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I was seriously thinking of a 95 estate after my Fiat died and I was in the market for a new car. Looked at several. Unfortunately, the owner of the one I was most interested in was a cock who was asking way too much for it so that was the end of that.
    Then I saw a Ford Mondeo estate which fitted my needs perfectly so I snapped it up quick. I still love the looks of the 95 estate though.

    Wooo SAAAABB!!!

    I’ll be indeed sad if the brand disappears. I owned one just like this as my second ever car, a 1989 900 Turbo 8:

    IMO, the last cool car made by Saab (well, the Turbo 16 was great too, but I refer to the shape of it more than anything). The key by the handbrake, the way the bonnet opened, the turbo boost gauge on the dashboard, putting your foot down, waiting a few seconds then feeling the seat push into your back.

    Jeez, all subsequent cars have been more reliable, cheaper to run, more practical but nothing will ever compare to that car. Mind you, the convertible is an absolute design classic too.

    simon side

    The only brand of car I`ve ever owned “back to back” 99,900,99,900,900 then a GM infested 900.BLURGGGGH soulless!

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