Ryan (not Bryan) Adams – any good?

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  • Ryan (not Bryan) Adams – any good?
  • Boba Fatt

    3 people at work today have mentioned him……is he all that? never listened to him other than that New York single from years ago


    Yep, few dodgy albums, but ‘Gold’ is an amazing album in terms of its range and versatility. 17 tracks and when listened as a whole album not a duff one amongst them. He does appear to be one album on one off in terms of quality, but undoubtedly a very talented man. Heartbreaker is also deff worth a listen


    I recommend Heartbreaker or Demolition, and Strangers Almanac by Whiskytown his first band it’s a bit more country. Some of his stuff with the cardinals is good too



    Premier Icon metalheart

    He’s done a couple of pretty good ones.

    Heartbreaker, Ashes & Fire, 29, Love is Hell.

    Last album was pish though. New one due out soon, not overly fussed… I’ll probably check it out at some point.

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    Ashes and Fire and 29 are also good. Just try and avoid his rock albums. For some reason he occasionally thinks that he’s The Strokes and releases really bad albums like Easy Tiger. He’s best when his music has a touch of country in it.

    He’s quite prolific and releases a lot of stuff so bound to be hit and miss to a degree. Still a very talented artist though and well worth listening to

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    Oh yes. Love is Hell 1 & 2, also Cold Roses are particularly good.

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    I think he’s brilliant. A bit like a C&W Prince .
    His records take a few listens but every one has absolute gems on it.
    Even his rock albums & the online metal thing!
    Live ,he’s incredible , witty and used to be very unpredictable.(he was fond of a party & arguing 😉 ).
    I like his lyrics (which is a rare thing these days) – very honest how he feels and he “speaks” to me.

    No doubt about his talent, but I really think he needs to filter his output, he records so much and then just releases it all, so you have to wade through so much to get to the good stuff. I prefer his stuff with the cardinals, fav Track is let it ride. Saw him live and tbh it was but dull, he said nothing to the audience all night!


    Very, very talented bloke. Output ranges from wonderful to self-loathing overindulgence. He’s hard to “get” but makes some great stuff.
    Well worth listening to.

    His recent interview on Radio6 with Lauren Laverne was very candid


    He’s great live – see him if you get the chance. Not sure what l think of his Taylor swift covers album. The songs are good…

    Edit to add – just seen the didn’t talk to audience comment – he’s a little, erm, edgy. Threw a right wobbler last time he was in Leeds, later said sorry, improvised songs etc. You came away with an impression of the guy alright…


    When he’s good he’s very good indeed. See Heartbreaker, Gold, Love is Hell, Cold Roses.
    Quality control awry on occasion. All very well being prolific, but sometimes less is more.


    There’s a very good interview with Marc Maron out this week.

    Premier Icon Pyro

    As others have said, up and down in places but generally very good. Although my favourite of his tracks, Oh My Sweet Carolina, is utterly made by Emmylou Harris’ backing vocal rather than Adams lead…


    yes he’s absolutely amazing, hes been around for donkeys, numerous bands fronted by him, and all of his solo stuff is just pure class

    he made a rock n album to appease his label, he hated it, hated doing it, but its one of my fave albums, hes just a cool as **** legend.

    so underrated / goes under the radar, hes up there with the best of all time for me

    On tour in September.

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    Oh My Sweet Carolina

    That’s one of my favs too.
    The harmonies just connect every time.

    On my main stereo system, I just get completely lost in it.

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    Been listening to his new album at work this morning and it sounds good after two listens.

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    Premier Icon Nick

    Headlining Green Man this year, only UK festival appearance, should be good.

    Done some great stuff and is an awesome muscian when he’s on form. Just has the usual demons in his cupboards though.

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