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    Well done Tim. Keep at it, it gets easier. And you have some nice paths near you, bit of an uphill finish though….

    Premier Icon slowoldgit

    I struggle with long sentences.

    If you’re running on tarmac or concrete – shockstoppers may save your knees and ankles. I started running to one lamp post, walking to the next. As I got better I ran two, then three.

    Go after dark and hope no-one recognises you when you are starting and suffering.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Doing a fast paced 5 min walk to warm up is the best way to get the muscles moving. And the same after your run as a warm down.

    That’s where c25k comes in handy the warm up/down is included in the routine.


    Same age as you OP but started running a few years ago, since then it’s become a bit of a routine digging the trainers out in October each year, running a couple of evenings a week until the clocks forward.

    Trouble with this routine is each year is like starting all over again.

    First couple of runs will be 1 to 2 miles jog or walk don’t try too hard you don’t want to put yourself off. The legs will be in agony for a few days after each run and the first year I had shin splints, marching foot all sorts of ailments just take it easy, they all get better.

    After a month or so I’m doing 5ks it takes about 30 minutes and good chance to listen to music,clear the mind etc.

    Agree with the comment earlier ‘re Junk miles, couple of years back I was running 10 miles + but it was just plodding not doing anything.

    I was adviced to do intervals on short runs and a few minutes with dumbells afterwards to improve fitness, which I think is good advice although sometimes running is like riding your bike, it’s just nice to get out and enjoy it.

    Keep going at it.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    Just a little update!…

    Now up to a hilly 9km run in 55min (not fast but hard work), and have just come back from an undulating 6.2k run in 32mins.

    Really enjoying this running lark – its completely taken over from cycling. I’ve only done 2 rides this year!

    And I’m now down to 13st from 14st 4lbs on Jan 1st.

    …now for my first 10k!

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    Just a thought this morning…

    • At what sort of pace does a jog become a run?

    • And – how do I stop my shoulders and upper back hurting when running!?


    Mary Hinge

    Good work Tim.

    Running is addictive, no faff and no bike cleaning, and no huge expense…..

    I’m laid up with a stress fracture though, so do take it easy and build mileage slow. Off road is better too, I think my stress fracture came about by increasing mileage and all on road coz the fields have just been so boggy around Belper and Ambergate.

    Do a few core exercises for your back, and stand tall when running.

    I’m older than you (and started running 3 years ago following an elbow op that kept me off the bike) and got down to a 45 min 10k and 21 min 5k within a couple of years. You’ll be flying if you keep at it 🙂


    Good going there the-muffin-man. Keep it up!
    I would say your hilly run puts you mid pack at any 10 race in the country so i think you can call it a Run.
    Even when im out for a slow one its never a jog its a slow run. Gym bunnies jog, runners occasionally run slower than normal 🙂
    Good luck with the 10k.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    the-muffin-man – Member

    Just a little an awesome update!…

    fixed it for you.



    Well done, great results.

    I did C25K 2 years ago and though I got through the programme and could run 5k I had to stop cos of knee pain. I’ve been running again for the last 6-7 weeks, just doing what felt right rather than C25K and managed 5k on monday night 🙂
    Now if I could just stop stuffing my face 24/7 I might lose some weight …


    My tips would be just stick your trainers on and get out – that’s the hardest bit.
    You can still get out under the cover of darkness if you prefer and finally try and run as slow as possible, you can speed up later.
    Oh yeah, the pain you may get over the next couple of days is just your bodies revenge for making it exercise, Ibuprofen straight after can reduce this (ahem, always follow the instructions on the packaging!).


    First … Well done muffin man… they may not be calling you that for much longer 🙂

    “At what sort of pace does a jog become a run?”

    Probably at about 8min/miles

    I have suffered from that shoulder pain myself… think about them when you are running and relax them…. “drop” your shoulders, allow your forearms to “hang loose” for a bit

    Keep it up… next stop Triathlon !!


    Excellent work, running has taken over for me as well, although around here is just concrete and it’s boring.
    Onwards and Upwards though.
    Another website/app that I like to use with my Strava and Endomodo is myfitnesspal, lost a lot of weight using that, and found my running times increasing at the same time.

    good going. if you have a local club go check it out, if its as friendly as mine you will have a blast and scheduled weekly sessions are a definite motivator to keep you going.

    i’m like a few others though, since jan have run way way more than rode… yet when i get on the bike i am way fitter and stronger. also my lower back issues, i would get off the road bike bent in half and have to straighten, have gone.

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