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  • Runners – recommend me some trail shoes
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    I avoided running for years after some knee problems in my early 20s (which eventually led me back to cycling). Over the last few days the weather’s been so bad here that I’ve gone to the gym and used the treadmill for some cardio (exercise bikes with couch-like saddles I can’t stand). Surprisingly I’ve actually run reasonably well (or at least done okay distance) and I’m thinking that taking advantage of the flat fire-road forests around my office could be a good thing rather than indoors on days when the road bike will be unpleasant.

    Anyway, could someone recommend a decent, not too expensive pair of trail running trainers (my current trainers are for the gym only) for running on tarmac and forest hardpack?

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    Shoe recommendations are only going to work as far as ideas – you’ll need to go actually try them on as they tend to vary in shape and feel a lot.

    You could have a look at some of last years Inov-8 stuff – try Pete Bland Sports – but beware the random new Inov-8 fits. Trailrocs are nice, with not too aggressive a drop.
    If you’re looking for true “trail” style shoes, have a look at some of the US companies like Montrail – Bajada and Rouge Racers are two I’ve had great experience with.

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    I’ve got some Inov8 trailrocs that are great for general trail stuff.

    Inov8 fits me well generally though.

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    Again I’ve got some Inov 8 Trailroc 245’s not much cushioning at all, but I find them much more comfy than trail shoes that had loads of cushioning

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    I’ve used brooks cascadia with success over a number of years.
    Usually get last years model when it’s knocked out cheaper.
    At the moment I’ve been using some Nike air zoom terra kiger II or something like that – tried them as they were very cheap, but seem good for trails and tarmac.
    The best advice though is to go and try some and get the ones that fit/feel best for you.

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    Salomon (various) or Saucony Peregrine here. I know others who have found Brooks to be good. Innov-8 have a good rep likewise but I find they don’t seem to fit me. But every major trainer manufacturer does a trail shoe and in most cases they do a variety.

    I’ve Just read your post again and you want to run on a mix of tarmac and hardpacked forest, in which case trail shoes are over kill IMO. I’d use either a Salomon X-Scream (can be found for around £55-60 in the sales) or a Saucony Kinivara which is really a road shoe but works fine on hardpacked gravel surfaces. But other brands will work fine also, pick what fits.

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    Another vote for Brooks here, but again you’ll need to try shoes on and see what fits. Also if you can get gait analysis to see whether you over- or under-pronate that should make a big difference in getting a shoe that’s best for you.

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    shoes are like saddles, you’re going to have to try some. Go to a shop, one with a treadmill. Listen to your feet more than you listen to the assistant.

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    shoes are like saddles, you’re going to have to try some.

    Absolutely. I had my eyes on a pair of asics trail shoes as asics have already fitted me well. I tried them on in the shop and they just didn’t feel right. The arch dug in a bit, the outside toe pinched slightly, so rejected.

    Tried on another pair of asics trail shoes next to them that I hadn’t considered, and they fitted like a glove. Walked the Annapurna Circuit (180km with a 5400m+ pass) with no real breaking in and they were perfect.

    I think all decent brand, £50+ shoes are very competent. Pick some that feel right. Recommendations and the like are good, and will point you in the right direction, but fit is everything.

    Other half ended up with a pair of Salomon X Ultra. Also excellent, because the fit was perfect.

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    I was mostly canvassing for brands more than anything. I need to get a few more good runs indoors before I decide that outdoor running is going to be a new “thing” for me.

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    Do you have a running brand that you currently use and model?

    Good idea to go on the treadmill first but ultimately you may go through several pairs until you find a good shoe, or you may find one straight off that works.

    Adidas Kanadia are a good budget option although they’re narrow so you may need to go up a size or more! They are fairly heavy and chunky but they’re cheap as chips and padded enough for a bit of tarmac.

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    Even with good brands you have to be careful. I can’t stand a lot of the newer Salomon models (anything with an X in it especially) as they’re far too built up. However the Sense Mantra 2s are awesome for me. Shame they completely re-designed them for the 3rd gen.

    As mentioned above the Saucony Peregrines are a good lightweight option as are the Asics Fuji Racers.

    Trouble with the running shoe industry generally is they cant help but meddle so what was good for any particular invidual a couple of years ago but be totally wrong now.

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    Brooks Cascadia here or Adidas TR both work well for my feet.

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    I need to get a few more good runs indoors before I decide that outdoor running is going to be a new “thing” for me.

    Put the shoes you have on and go and find the nearest trail. That’ll tell you a lot more than any number of runs on the treadmill!

    FWIW Montrail Rogues are superb for the money at Sportsshoes (go up 1/2 size).

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    If you’re only running on flattish forest hardpack you don’t really need trail shoes – although they’ll be more comfortable if there are any smaller stones around.

    I wouldn’t be too worried about brands, either – I do a lot of trail races and you see all sorts of brands, from the v. expensive top-of-the-range Salomons down to cheap Decathlons. Within reason, fit is far more important than the logo on the side.

    FWIW I like La Sportivas, although the soles on my current Ultraraptors haven’t lasted well. (It’s pretty academic as they’d be overkill for the running you’re doing and far lighter and less bulky options are available).

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    The Montrails I bought about four years ago from Rock and Run for £20 have won me a few races.

    Actually I’d quite like to replace them, but they just won’t wear out.

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    If you’re only running on flattish forest hardpack you don’t really need trail shoes

    This. Just go for a comfortable pair of road running shoes. I run in neutral Nike shoe because they fit me well and i get last years models from the outlet not far away.
    You dont need gnarly fell/trail shoes for jogging on flat paths.

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