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  • RS revelations… which are the best ones?
  • Premier Icon cloudnine

    Been on lookout for some 2nd hand RS revs but unsure which are the best ones to go for. Ive seen some with the u-turn cartridge in the left hand leg replaced with the dual air blackbox from the team forks for £190. There’s quite a few air/dual air models too. So what’s best?


    RCT 3 damper seems to get good write-ups,

    I had a set of reba team dual airs and managed to pick up a set of dual air revs from here as I wanted a bit more travel and to stiffen up the front end. They came with motion control damping which is ok but i’ll be upgrading it to RCT3 soon.

    You can tune the dual air ones to suit your preferences more but it depends how much you can be bothered.

    Edit: Also don’t necessarily limit yourself to RS, the X-fusion forks seem to be getting great reviews at the mo.

    I run the RCT3 Solo air 29er’s on my Solaris.

    They were 140, but i bought a cartridge to reduce a-c length & give me 120mm.

    They are excellent, cannot fault them – super plush & stiff.

    The 3 position knob works wonders, giving fully plush, half & nearly full lockout.

    Premier Icon Leku

    RCT3 dual air (not the same as dual position).

    Travel can be adjusted with spacers rather than a whole new cartridge.

    Premier Icon composite

    Not sure which is exactly the best but I have the 150mm RCT3 dual air and they are great.

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Dual air with the black box damping. I’ve a set of u-turns (again dual air, bb damped) too but only bought them cuz of price. I never touch the u-turn.

    I’m not exactly an expert but even I could feel the difference between the black box damping and the cheaper motion control on forks of that time.


    The airs are crap

    Premier Icon Chipbutty

    RCT3 150mm dual air, reduced to 140mm on my bike, cannot fault them

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