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  • Premier Icon fozzyuk

    Has anyone seen the video on youtube

    Where Singletrack Test Bikes

    Looking to get hold of the route if anyone can help !!

    Live in the area but can’t figure too much of it from the vid.


    Premier Icon fozzyuk

    Not sure if this will work but the links here.

    Don’t remember it being covered in the Mag but if I’m wrong which issue please?

    Premier Icon fozzyuk

    That will be a No then…

    It mentions issue 45 on the link but that seems to be one I missed. Anyone got it ?

    If so can you let me know if the route maps in it ?



    It’s ‘fight club rules’ as most of the interesting stuff has footpath status, and I respect the skills that these guys show and that they don’t publicise the routes. (There aren’t very many, if any, bridleways in Calderdale with steps! – but as you say, you’re local, so you would know that ?)
    Anyway, two of the bridleways in the video are Colden Clough & Hep to Blue Ball Inn. If you live in the area you must have ridden them as they are very well known routes. There is also another nice one which may or may not be in this video between Popples & Colden Clough.

    Premier Icon fozzyuk

    Thanks for the tips, only recently moved back to the right side of the pennies 😉 , so just picking the routes up round here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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