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  • Roofers, are they like plasterers, do they ever turn up?
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    I need the ridge tile on our roof lifting and re-cementing back down but it appears not to be worth it for roofers.  They either can’t find us or didn’t manage to get over to see it. Any recomendations for a West Yorkshire based roofer?

    Premier Icon johndoh
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    Not quite West Yorks but depending on where you are, Knight’s Roofing in Harrogate have always been quick to respond for me (even for small jobs).

    Premier Icon jerrys
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    If you lived in the Southampton area i could definitely advise you who NOT to use.

    This lying toerag owes me close to £400 for a totally bodged repair.

    Premier Icon RobHilton
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    Roofers have cleaner radios 🙂

    IME they’re extraordinarily heavy drinkers

    Premier Icon ElShalimo
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    I think that reliable plumbers are West Yorkshire’s  rarest and most precious animals

    Premier Icon mikey-simmo
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    Jerry: thanks I’ll give him a miss even if he turns up in a old car borrowed off his Brother that goes like a bomb.

    Premier Icon project
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    Worked with an ex roofer he fell off a roof, seriously hurt and cant work,

    Another roofer got the frights and couldnt get off roof down ladder  brought down by hydraulic platform courtesty of the fire service

    a few days ago working at a house  chap, next door ex roofer, fell off roof and cant work any more.

    Today working in a house pouring with rain outside, getting soaked walking back and 2 van,  roofer working next door trying to fox roof in rain, eventually he had to give up, totally soaked.

    Who wants to be a roofer

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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