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  • Roof rack / mpg equation.
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    In the grand scheme of things, not much… 20.1 vs 21 ?

    It does limit me on car parks though. 😐

    I was on the M3 at a steady 70 and a Nissan Cashcow came past doing maybe 85 and the whistle from his roof rack was clearly audible from 2 lanes away, over my engine, with me wearing earplugs!

    You wear earplugs whilst driving?

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    I found the bars made a small difference but with actual cycle rack did, plus it was noisy. Thule wing bars and 591s

    My last car and current one have proper roof rails. It was a quick job to take the rack off and put it on, used to do it whole so the rack and bars stayed as one next to the side of the house. Pick up, drop onto rails, do up feet, lock and sorted. A few minutes max

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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