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  • Rockshox 35 Gold issue
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    My rockshox 35 Gold fork started to show some abnormalities. I’ve noticed an increased travel length from 130mm to 145mm after a year’s use or so. A 50h service replacing lower leg oil and dust seals and foam rings didn’t resolve the issue. Depending on the way the pumping process is performed, I also seem to get a different travel result (ranging from 110mm to 145mm). Top-out to equalize the negative and positive chamber pressures seems to make the performance only worse; the fork falls first 50mm of travel are unresponsive now.
    A full service of both lower and upper legs (seals and oil) and a cleaning (blow through) of the top-out system in the spring doesn’t seem to solve the issue.
    What could be the cause and a possible solution to get my fork performing as it should?

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    Have you checked the air spring for excess grease? Seem to remember my dad having this issue. There is a massive thread over on the mtbr forums on this diabolical fork.

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    35s use a travel spacer made of soft plastic. Maybe this has disintegrated to allow you more travel. Take the air spring out and check it.

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