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  • RockShox 30 Silver TK Coil Forks – Good For Kids Bike?
  • Premier Icon DaveyBoyWonder
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    Hi all. Seen these forks on CRC for a good price. I’m in the process of rebuilding an old 26er for my 10 year old to ride and it just needs some suspension forks to finish it off. Does anyone know what kind of weight these can be adjusted for and what they’re setup for out the box? Don’t want to buy them and for them not to be suitable for him…


    Premier Icon scuttler
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    I have some Suntour Coils on a big kid / small adult Whyte and of the conclusion coil forks have zero business being on such bikes due to weight and lack of adjustability. So on that basis I’d say no.

    Premier Icon Thrustyjust
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    Coil forks of that type, for a kids bike are great if they weight upwards of 40 stone to move them.

    Premier Icon stevextc
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    I got some in the shed if you want to collect/arrange collection.

    (straight steer/old QR, kids spring as fitted on Norco 24’s)

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Get a set of air forks, change the oil for some lighter weight.
    Then they move under the kids.

    I used Retrobike a few years ago for cheap, short travel, light forks for the kids on 26″ bikes. We had ‘zocci Superfly, Manitou Mars and RockShox SID on the kids bikes.

    Premier Icon joebristol
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    I don’t know how they compare on cost / how much it would cost to shorten the travel but I picked up a set of recon gold’s in 140mm travel flavour from cRC for £185 recently. Might need a new airshaft to go down to 100/110/120m travel – think there are 2 airshafts with varying amounts of all mountain tokens that go in them.

    Alternatively if you google Suntour raidons they’re often £150nor a touch under for a 120mm one that I believe can be internally adjusted down to 100.

    Premier Icon hugo
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    I’ve used the these before as an adult and they were surprisingly decent.

    However, and a big however, they wouldn’t be suitable for for a 10 year old because of both the fork’s weight and the child’s weight!

    Premier Icon DaveyBoyWonder
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    Cheers all. I think I’ll avoid them!

    Looking for some old skool air forks was high on my list until I saw these for a decent price. I’ll keep looking for something used…

    Premier Icon voodoo-rich
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    I picked up some 26″ Manitou R7 from ebay a while back for my 14yr old, knocked over a kilo off his hardtail after replacing the stock Suntour coil forks. They’re a bit light for me, but ideal for a skinny kid 🙂

    Premier Icon docrobster
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    I’ve just taken an Xc 30 off my 29er.
    It comes as 100mm and I extended it to 120.
    Qr, straight steerer, crown lockout. I paid £144 for it new from CRC a couple of years back.
    It was fine for light Xc stuff but way out of its depth on anything remotely gnarr.
    I’m sure it would be fine on a kids bike (in 26 I presume)
    Stealth ad- anyone want the above fork? I don’t need it any more…

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