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  • sunchaser

    Mrs sunchaser is going to roast a Leg of lamb (knuckle end) weight 1kg / 2.2lb.

    How long does it need to roast & at what temp’?

    In the past she’s got them from supermarkets where the cooking time is on the wrapping. This is from the local butcher so no cook times etc.

    cheers for any help 🙂

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    Add a BULB of garlic, some white wine vinegar, couple of tins of tomatoes, a good slug of olive oil and put in a pot in the oven on a LOW heat for the rest of the day.
    Do roast potatoes, parsnips and sweet potatoes in the goose fat kept from Christams day 🙂

    (A UK adaptation of Kleftiko)


    Thanks, sounds nice but, was gonna keep it real.. simple roast. Otherwise my 3 year old won’t eat it 🙄


    Bruneep. Don’t know why I did’nt think of that myself… Doh!



    that google thing is amazing i lol’d


    medium oven (gas 6, haven’t a clue about electric), 20mins per pound plus 20 minutes over, I seem to remember from somewhere. Not sure if that applies to all meats or any particular specific meat. Adjust the time per pound according to taste.

    Check it about 15 mins before it’s due to be done – poke it with a sharp skewer, if the juice runs clear it’s cooked.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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